You might be surprised how many brains are actually busy keeping SaltwaterThings up-to-date.

If that is the question popping into your mind; we have a simple answer to it but reveal it in the next paragraph.

1, and just ONE mind behind the success of

Although, that is kinda surprising how come a single brain could be managing such a dinosaur-like website covering everything about Saltwater?

Fact is a fact; dedication and passion are what matter at the end of the day.

Simple as that, is proud to present its services covering;

  • The best information about saltwater
  • Keeping you safe and entertained when loose on the saltwater
  • Best saltwater products to enjoy every bit of your good time at the seashore.
  • And we mean every single thing that deems any benefit to you.
  • Helping you to prepare with the best before hitting the shore
  • Best beaches not only in the U.S.A. but all around the globe

So, saddle up and help us bring the finest pack of information delivered right in front of your eyeballs! 🙂