Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Michigan

Beautiful Michigan is always mesmerizing.

And the beauty expands beyond the imagination in the summer when the lavish green fields and the lakes will attract thousands of visitors towards.

But you cannot miss out on the opportunity when the winter kicks in.

Of course, the winter has one core source of entertainment. Since it got no seashore, it has a couple of worth-visiting lakes (a couple of in the sayings, in reality, they are in the number of thousands!)

Visiting them in the sheer cold time of the year requires you to become a daredevil who knows the real opportunity hidden beneath the thick layer of ice.

Let’s explore all of these 7 best ice fishing lakes in Michigan and spend your winter-break time productively.

State of Michigan (SoM) Statistics to Better Know It in Depth

SoM Capital: Lansing with an official population figure of 117,488 (as of 2020)

Popular City in SoM: Detroit is the biggest city in the state having a total population of up to 672,351 (in 2020)

Total Land Area: 56,809 sq. mi.

Water Area: 40,0001 sq. mi. making it the 2nd wettest U.S. state after Alaska

Total Area: 96,810 sq. mi. making it the 11th largest state in the U.S.A. by the total area

Total Population: 9.974 million as per data recorded in 2020

Admitted to Union: January 26th, 1837 was the 26th state in the Union at that time which officially admitted to the U.S.A.

Total Counties: 83

Total Cities, Towns, and Villages: 1,773

Special Districts: 436

Number of Lakes: 11,037

Largest Lake in the State of Michigan: Lake Superior with over 24,128,000 acres of the water-filled area or 349.81 sq. mi.

Winter Details of Michigan

Winter Season: 3.2 months starting from December 1 to up to March 7

Average Daily High Temperature during Winter Season: 41°F

Coldest Month in Michigan: January with an average low of 18°F and high around 31°F

Snowfall Season: 4.9 months that last between November 15 to April 10

Snowfall Average: 60.66 inches

Winter Intensity: The winters are typically cold and snowy where the daytime temperature will mainly say below freezing degrees for as many days.

The night-time temperatures are pretty harsh most of the time, giving you chills to plan to go outside.

The 7 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Michigan

Surrounded by the three greatest lakes namely Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie; still Michigan has got over 11,000+ inland worth-visiting lakes.

So better off those three greater lakes and travel to those lovely destinations will everything geared up for ice fishing this winter.

We are sure you will not miss the fun!

Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake spanning to over 4,992 acres with a whooping depth of 80 feet is all-set ready to give you the best ice fishing experience this winter!

It is close to Ludington, but that is not a concern. The real concern is where it got the sand dunes from. Well, it is as close to Lake Michigan and the beachfront sends in the dunes occasionally giving the perception of a desert around.

But beware of the thin ice. Check it profoundly to ensure the ice is capable to hold the weight.

Which fish you can catch off Hamlin Lake: Largemouth bass, musky, smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed, northern pike, and more.

Hamlin Lake Fishing Map

Lake Gogebic

Lake Gogebic

Off in the remote location, no big cities around providing the pleasing and calm atmosphere at the time of visiting Lake Gogebic; the summertime could not be a rushy time for it, so expect rather a loner lake in shivering cold weather!

13,380 acres with a max depth of 38 feet. You have plenty of space to set up all of your ice fishing setup without having anyone sneaking in.

Give it a go before the setup, and pick your favorite spot after a bit of searching!

Fish you can catch on Lake Gogebic: Walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, and many more.

Lake Gogebic Fishing Map

Lake Gogebic Fishing Map

Kent Lake

Kent Lake

The scenic Kent Lake will definitely triumph your heart, making it one of the best ice fishing lakes in Michigan!

Spanning to over 1,200 acres having a maximum depth of 36 feet which is really not that deep for the anglers knowing how to swim.

But when the winter kicks in, why do you need to practice swimming at all? 🙂

Located in Oakland county, this manmade lake is not that far from the city of Detroit and extremely nearest to Milford.

Living around or visiting Michigan, do not lose the chance of visiting Kent Lake for once.

What fish to expect catching from Kent Lake: Channel catfish, largemouth bass, yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, bluegill, and more.

Kent Lake Fishing Map

Kent Lake Fishing Map

Wamplers Lake

Wamplers Lake

Reaching Wamplers Lake might be a challenge for many. The tricky location can haunt you because it is way surrounded by more than two dozen small and big lakes on all its sides.

But do not drop out the idea of not reaching there this winter. Its remote location of it welcomes you to spend the ice fishing time with utter peacefulness.

780 acres in size and 39 max feet; expect the pleasant fishing on ice!

Which fish to catch from Wamplers Lake: Walleye, yellow perch, rock bass, northern pike, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, and many more.

Wamplers Lake Fishing Map

Wamplers Lake Fishing Map

Burt Lake

Burt Lake

Traveling upward to the Canadian border taking Highway-75 at any time of the year, do not forget to stop at the rest area close by Burt Lake.

But for the anglers wanting t to explore this beautiful and scenic lake in the winter (when the lake is frozen), that doubles the fun because of its easy reach.

Expect the maximum depth of whooping 73 feet on this 17,395 acres of lakewater. We recommend wearing the life vest all the time.

You might witness the rush all -around the year, so find yourself a good peaceful spot to set up all your ice fishing things!

Which fish you can mostly catch from Burt Lake: Black crappie, bluegill, walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and more.

Burt Lake Fishing Map

Burt Lake Fishing Map

Thompson Lake

Just out and on the suburban of the City of Howell, Thompson Lake holds the affable pleasant atmosphere and eventually makes it hurdle-less in access.

Just 60 acres in size with over 23 feet of maximum depth envision the rush around even in the winters.

Either arrive early or show up late in the day to form your nest for ice fishing!

The fish you can catch off Thompson Lake are: Northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, and such.

Thompson Lake Fishing Map

Thompson Lake Fishing Map

Skidway Lake

Skidway Lake

Let’s skid altogether to Skidway Lake!

Expect a whole lot of space you can set up everything within without much hassle as it spans around 7,542 acres. And the mere depth of 14 feet with an abundance of fish species hurling around.

The good thing about Skidway Lake is, that it is not far from the city limits. The Mills Township offers you every basic necessity available to spend your ice fishing time with utter peace.

Fish to catch from Skidway Lake: Largemouth bass, bluegill, northern pike, and more.

Skidway Lake Fishing Map

Skidway Lake Fishing Map


Worth-visiting the state of Michigan, and worth fish lakes in the extreme winter.

Knowing that you have plans to hit these 7 top best ice fishing lakes in Michigan, forget not what essentials you should accompany.

But we guarantee a good time fishing in the sheer winter from these lakes. Whether you go for day ice-fishing or night; you will not disappoint at all. All you have to do is just go! 🙂

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