Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Minnesota

Frank, let’s go to Minnesota this winter!

But why? Why Minnesota? And why the heck in the extreme winter?

The reason seems excruciatingly simple, or better calling, quite uncomplicated. Frank is a habitual angler been engaged only in fishing in warm summers.

While it is a difficult task to find a frozen lake in many states, the up-side states are worth visiting during the winter.

Yes, to this greenish midwestern state which owns not just one, a dozen, or a few hundred lakes around (will unveil the correct figure a bit later!)

Minnesota is not that far from many adjoining states. Even you can reach there in two days all the way from Florida, Texas, and Mississippi. Even from Maine, we recommend taking the route by entering Canada to get to Minnesota incredibly faster.

So, we have these 5 best ice fishing lakes in Minnesota ready to get explored!

Some Official Statistics for the State of Minnesota (MN)

MN Capital: Saint Paul, and having a population count of around 305,000+

Popular City in MN: Minneapolis with a population figure of 424,000+ and a total area of 57.51 sq. mi.

Total Land Area: 79,610.08 sq. mi.

Water Area: 7,328.79 sq. mi. and six percent of the state is covered in water, making it the biggest state having a more far-reaching shoreline than any other state in the U.S.A.

Total Area: 86,943 sq. mi. making it the 12th largest state in the U.S.A.

Admitted to the Union: On May 11, 1858, it was the 32nd state which was admitted into the Union.

Total Counties: 87

Total Cities, Towns, and Villages: 2,633

The Total Special Districts: 923

Lakes Count in Minnesota

Number of Total Lakes: 14,380 (according to the exclusive MNDNR database)

Largest Lake in Minnesota: Besides Superior Lake neighboring two states and one international country (Canada), so we would not count it as the largest lake at all.

So, the Lake of the Woods wins the race of being the largest lake in Minnesota which happily covers a total area of 1,679 sq. mi. and spanning to a length of 67.73 miles.

Wintery Statistics of the State of Minnesota

Winter Season: The winter lasts for 3.3 months, officially kicking in from November 26th to March 4th.

Daily Average High Temperature in Winter Season: Below 36°F.

Coldest Month in Minnesota: January with the steep average lof of 10°F while hitting the high of up to 24°F.

Snowfall Season: October to April

Snowfall Average: 36 inches

Winter Intensity: Rough and harsh! The below-freezing temperature will seize the many outdoor activities.

How is the Winter in Minnesota?

Pretty rough, or it would not be incorrect to rate it as harsh and terrible.

The below-freezing daytime temperature in most wintery months will literally keep you in the bed, buried deep down in the layers of blankets.

Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Minnesota

The beautiful Minnesota and planning for the ice fishing experience on its frozen lakes will simply add tremendous joy to your trip!

Since it got the whooping figures of large and small lakes, we will only stick to a few top-rated ones.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods, MN

Lake of the Woods is ultimately the best and most vast lake in the state of Minnesota.

The easy access to this cross-country lake (plunging into Canada) is another factor to love being here.

And such an oversized lake going frozen in the peak wintery season is just remarkable and stunning to view.

Close to Warroad, the ultimate destination to better explore the lake and stay in hotels located in the city limits.

70-miles long lake with 14,550 adjoining islands spanning beyond the border of the United States will never want you to back off this easily.

Lake Area: 950,400 acres

Maximum Depth: 210 ft.

What Fish to Catch: Muskie, walleye, saugers, northern pike, lake trout, sturgeon, smallmouth bass, and many more!

Red Lake (Upper and Lower)

Red Lake (Upper and Lower)

First off, clear the misconception between Upper Red Lake and Lower Red Lake.

They are in no way separate from each other, rather the jointing part is such small in size that people consider the both as separate.

So, we would rather list the data combined for your own good information.

Total lake Area (of both lakes combined): 1,263,678 acres

Maximum Depth: 84 ft.

The Expected Catches: Walleye, northern pike, panfish, largemouth bass, musky, and smallmouth bass.

Rogers Lake

Located in the middle of the busy and populated Mendota Heights from Dakota Country; Rogers Lake is the utmost attraction for the locals and the people visiting this beautiful city.

St. Paul and Minneapolis are in close vicinity, this is another factor why Rogers Lake is an easy-to-access natural lake.

So, you may hit difficulty finding a good spot to set up your fishing hut and everything even in the sheer wintertime. Adjust and compromise for a good ice fishing experience, and you know what we meant here! 🙂

Total Area: 107 acres

Max. Depth: 8 ft.

What You Can Catch: Largemouth bass, yellow perch, pickerel, northern pike, and more.

Lake Nokomis

The man-made Lake Nokomis in the middle of the overly-crowded metropolitan city is just an outlandish gift from GOD!

Why as it was only created by man? The brain which GOD has awarded to mankind and find it appealing to attract to nature.

So, hitting the lake for strolling or just for fishing during the summer and winter will be a marvelous experience.

Total Area: 201 acres

Maximum Depth: 33 ft.

What Fish to Catch: Walleye, bluegill, yellow perch, and more.

Get the best essentials going for ice fishing, and thank us later!

Lake Itasca

The stunning Lake Itasca welcomes you to travel long, real long to reach there.

But this is the absolute reason the lake in such a remote location signifies its beauty of it.

And we urge you to come prepared especially during the ice fishing because you would not find much around.

This winter, maximize your inner fun doing ice fishing! 🙂

Total Area: 1,200 acres

Maximum Depth: 39 ft.

What Fish You Can Catch: Bullhead, bluegill, walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, and more.


A green lavished, and nature-inspired state is worth the visit.

And the anglers with dire want of hitting the frozen lakes would always find the best ice fishing lakes in Minnesota without much hassle.

As we only had listed up to 5 ice fishing lakes, they would not regret you spending a good time this winter!

So, saddle up, and take charge of your best ice fishing experience this winter! 🙂

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