Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin

At the time of writing about the best ice fishing lakes in Wisconsin, and then reading it at this time of the year; that sounds utterly inappropriate.

You surely would be surprised why are you even reading something in this sheer peak of the summer and talking about winter plus ice.

Well, winter is not far from turning into a reality, and we all know that!

Okay, Wisconsin is the landlocked upper midwestern state with two greater lakes around.

Core Details about Wisconsin State

Capital City: Madison

Population: 5.807 million (as of 2020) and ranked 20th state by population

Total Area: 65,498.37 sq. mi. and ranked as the 25th-largest state by total area

Total Land Area: 54,153.1 sq. mi.

Admitted into the Union: May 29th, 1848

Number of Counties: 72

Number of Lakes: 15,074 (yes, the whooping fifteen thousand and seventy-four documented lakes on the heights and depths of this beautiful state, and this, makes it the only state in the USA having these many lakes after Minnesota‘s 11,842

Wintery Statistics of Wisconsin

Wintery Months: November 29th to March 3rd. — this 3.2 months duration is the official winter season in Wisconsin ready to shiver your body

Average Winter Temperature: Below 38°F

Snowy Period: November 7th to April 14th; around 5.2 months

Average Total Snowfall: up to 45.79 inches in the entire snowy season making it the tenth state in the U.S. with the most snowfall

Snowiest Month: December with a total snowfall of up to 13.1 inches

Winter Intensity: Pretty rough winter where the daytime highs stay below 30°F from December to February, and the night lows plunge beyond the freezing point

Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin

Let us list up some awesome lakes in Wisconsin ready to roll for ice fishing!

Believe us, these lakes are excessively overfilled with the favorite and delicious wintery fishes.

Pike Lake

Pine Lake, Wisconsin

Heading to Washington county in the State of Wisconsin? No miss the chance of visiting 461 acres of Pike Lake.

With a maximum water depth of up to 45 feet, get set ready to fish the delicious species to best enjoy the self-caught catches.

It is totally frozen in December and January!

Fish that you can catch off the Pine Lake: Northern pike, walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, panfish, and more.

Water clarity: Moderately clear

Bark Lake

Bark Lake, Wisconsin

A considerably smaller 65 acres of the lake again in Washington county came up with a maximum depth of not more than 34 feet, and we are talking about Bark Lake.

This got the complete frozen water in December, January, and most of February.

We bet you would not disappoint your visit in the sheer wintery months catching the best of the fish species you do deserve!

Fish you can easily ice-catch from Bark Lake: Walleye, panfish, largemouth bass, and more.

Water clarity: Low

Little Cedar Lake

Little Cedar Lake, Wisconsin

Another one from Washington county, this Little Cedar Lake is just ‘little in the name’ but not so little in its mass.

This got a whooping 260 acres of area with a maximum depth of around 56 feet. You do not have to be furious about it in the winters when the lake is frozen because of its thick iced layer.

The incredibly thick layer can withstand the weight of a vehicle with ease.

Fish you can commonly catch in the winter from Little Cedar Lake: Largemouth bass, bluegills, bullheads, carp, rock bass, walleye, northern pike, and more.

Water clarity: Clear

Storrs Lake

Storrs Lake, Wisconsin

Comparatively a smaller lake in Rock County, Wisconsin which expands only 20 acres in size.

Still its smaller size, it bears a good maximum depth of over 25 feet which is pretty much suitable to catch medium to large-sized fish in the winter.

And we recommend going over the water on foot and not with the vehicle as the weight might cause cracking.

Storrs Lake is almost deep-frozen during December, January, and to most parts of February.

Fish to catch: Northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, bluegill, and more.

Water clarity: Low

Pewaukee Lake

Can you imagine a lake spanning thousands of acres?

Yup — that is what Pewaukee Lake has; 2,437 acres and located in Wisconsin’s Waukesha Country with a mere depth of up to 45 feet.

This whole lake being ice-frozen will surely give a stunning look o the anglers, and of course, the fishing opportunities by picking your own dedicated spot.

Fish you can easily catch off Pewaukee Lake: Musky, walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, and many more.

Water clarity: Moderate clear

Big Cedar Lake

Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin

Sizing to mere 932 acres, Big Cedar Lake is quite bigger in volume but always rushy during the summertime.

But as the winter kicks in, only the anglers with their willpower collected to spend the best time ice-fishing. And having over the depth of 105 feet gives plenty of space to let the fish grow large.

Close to Milwaukee city, the access would not be an issue for sure, and that is the reason you will witness the excessive rush almost year-round.

Fishes you can expect to catch from Big Cedar Lake: Northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, and more.

Water clarity: Low

Beaver Dam Lake

Beaver Dam Lake

Dodge country in Wisconsin, and hoping to visit Beaver Dam Lake which is extremely close to the town of Beaver dam, welcomes you to this astonishing and extremely large lake spreading to 6,718 acres.

This widest lake only has a depth of 7 feet (yes, mere 7 feet which is really surprising!)

Fish to catch from Beaver Dam Lake: Walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, smallmouth bass, trout, and a couple more.

Water clarity: Low

Poskin Lake

Poskin Lake

Poskin Lake, in a really remote location, is worth the visit.

The lakes are generally in your vicinity and probably that is the reason when you are visiting Wisconsin because it got over 15,000+ lakes. But some of the lakes are indeed in a remote locations.

Its scenic location and breathtaking environment will compel you to keep coming to it.

Spanned around 154 acres with 30 feet of deep water, you have many great spots to do ice-fish. Unlike its remote location, you would see many anglers joining you at different intervals of time.

Fish to catch from Poskin Lake: Walleye, largemouth bass, panfish, northern pike, bluegill, and more.

Water clarity: Low

Minocqua Lake

Minocqua Lake

Lake, land, and then lake again; Minocqua Lake would give you the same perception!

Over 1,339 acres of lakewater, it takes in a maximum depth of over 60 feet so that you can fish as you do in the ocean.

So, you can expect the frozen lake in the sheer wintery months.

Fish to expect catching off Minocqua Lake: Largemouth bass, northern pike, smallmouth bass, panfish, musky, walleye, and more.

Water clarity: Clear

Big Round Lake

Big Round Lake

This Big Round Lake is really big in size as well; 1,014 acres of the lake that is located in the Polk country, bearing a maximum depth of up to 17 feet.

Expect it completely overfilled with the thick ice layer during December, January, and February. And then the ice starts melting in the month of March.

Fish you may expect in Big Round Lake: Walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, and musky,

Water clarity: Low

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So, it is time to call it off a conclusion after listing the top 9 best lakes for ice fishing in Wisconsin!

Undoubtedly, the scenic and beautiful state of Wisconsin will stun your viewing experience. Plus these lakes in the sheer winter attract hoards of daredevil anglers.

Be ready, be prepared, and hit Wisconsin in the wintertime to perform the best ice-fishing trips to these renowned and beautiful frozen lakes!

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