Best Saltwater Lures for Pier Fishing

Unlike boat fishing, pier fishing is different, fantastic, and indeed the newest fishing experience for many newbies and experienced anglers.

Most of the anglers like and start with boat fishing (calling the majority) and lesser would turn to go pier fishing.

Yes, piers are not available in many parts of the world (sorry to state), but where they are, you should never neglect to experience them.

Or better is to find a pier spot in your nearby sea-cornered cities.

We bait (sorry, bet!) of enjoying this new-kinda fishing experience!

You may (or may not) get a good heavier catch in a good day scenario. And when the whole length of the pier is swarmed with the anglers, chances are everyone should be having good catches!

Since the piers are way closers to the shore, they are self-built and hence have many submerged objects (like the huge stones to crush the waves, pillars of the piers, crabs, vegetation, and more) grabbing the attention of the fishes swirling around.

To deal with that, you definitely need good attractive lures to catch their attention from the distance. And look no further because we got some awesomely best saltwater lures for pier fishing!

Saltwater for a certain reason — you gotta be fishing on the saltwater-swarmed piers this time. 🙂

Let’s get rollin’ then, nope?

What is Pier Fishing?

It definitely is the type of fishing for sure but done in a whole new way. As we stated, not all anglers would ever experience pier fishing.

It is the whole bridge made into the sea for strolling which interacts with the sandy beach to the good length going into the sea.

You may even use the pier for strolling, walking, cycling, and sit-up on the benches to enjoy the fresh sea breezes to cool yourself off, especially in the summery months.

But it is in no way recommended to dive into the open sea because it might not be any deep even by the end of the pier and having the pointy stones fall into the water.

Anyhow the build and the surrounding of the piers attract the fishes as they give them a safe haven from other deadly predators, and a place to hang around.

With pier fishing, you either do not need much of the reels to cast down the water. And experience full-fledged saltwater fishing without needing to rent out the costly and luxurious boat because you can simply get to catch the saltwater fish right from the pier.

Maybe you can reach out to the pier located close to the beach on a cycle.

What Fish Can You Catch on a Pier?

A question worth needing to know, nope?

On pier fishing, the problem is you cannot expedite what fish you can catch. That could be anything from a smaller to and larger size with no prior guarantee.

For the hint, we may expect something between the following catches;

  • Cobia
  • Tarpon
  • King Mackerel
  • Black Drum
  • Flounder
  • Whiting
  • Croaker
  • Sand Trout
  • Sheepshead
  • Panfish

These are the expected catches and not guaranteed you should be catching them every time.

The Best Saltwater Lures for Pier Fishing

Aorace Saltwater Lure
Aorace AO
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
OriGlam Luminous Saltwater Lure
  • Real-alike design
  • Luminous
  • Good for night fishing
Calissa Saltwater Fishng Lure
Calissa 55-QOK1-W4DC
  • Looks like a real sardine
  • Long enough
  • Extra glowing!

Aorace AO – Best-Priced Saltwater Lure for Pier Fishing

It is a challenge for the fish to look at the lure close to the pier.

Down the pier, it is too dark for anything to stay visible, and we meant it.

What you need are colorful lures to raise the chance of getting seen.

Aorace AO has a higher chance to come visibly under the shabby light because it might be difficult for the sun rays to reach down the pier.

And when you have the lure hanging (and not letting it sit on the seabed), the power of sea waves may drive it down the pier stealing the chances of getting hit by the sun’s rays.

Pack of 8 pieces of Aorace AO containing the squid laser 3D minor fishing lures ready to trick the fellow fish due to its fish-alike make.

Made with the combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene having the pinch of plastic is quite enough to last years-long fishing in the saltwater.

Need no rinsing after the use, yeah!

Each of the lures possesses a length of 8.5cm and hitting a weight of up to 7.2g let the lure swim like a real alive fish used as bait.

Reusable almost every single day and having eight of them can go for usage in rotation, so your first used one will win the turn after eight pier fishing trips; how cool, isn’t it?

Despite its build, it is durable enough to hang over three fish on three separate steel-made hooks. Do not worry if you can happen to catch three fish altogether as the weight would not rip the lure off.

Aorace AO Saltwater Lure is Best for Catching;

  • Perch
  • Catfish
  • Sea Trout
  • Salmon
  • Bass
  • Muskellunge
  • Striped Bass
  • Northern Pike
  • Striper

PROs and CONs of Aorace AO


  • Lightweight build
  • Best to use in fresh and saltwater
  • Available in different colors


  • Pretty short at the size
  • Lightweight and need to attach a sinker to make it swing

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OriGlam – Best Fishing Lure for Pier Fishing

Okay, throw away all the traditional fish catching and experiment with something new.

New to the extent that not all anglers use such tricks.

Starting with the artificial lure, how about grabbing a shrimp that is fake but excellent in its detail none can perceive they do not look any real.

A pack of five against the super affordable price provides the best color combinations to cast differently on every fishing trip.

Use that white one today, and then that pinkish-whitish on the next.

The soft luminous shrimps just require a bit of light to glitter and contain the attention of your favorite fish at dusk and dawn. For the night of pier fishing, they glow like a diamond underwater!

And the durability ensures to a greater extent as they come made with polyvinyl chloride, the high-standardized silicone material that makes them super soft and jiggly enough to a life-alike build.

The single hook attached to the shrimp is easy to use. No fancy in setting up the lure, just get it in your hand, connect the line, and you are good to cast it down the water.

Its lightweight build suffices to hand and wobble underwater to lure the catches without needing to pull and push the line.

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OriGlam Saltwater Lure Recommended to Catch;

  • Bass
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Catfish
  • Whiting
  • Perch
  • Snapper
  • Jewfish
  • Kingfish
  • Mandarin
  • Snakehead
  • Flounder

PROs and CONs of using Origlam


  • Highly affordable
  • Luminous making it glows well in the night
  • Includes five of them to use one by one


  • So little like a small-sized shrimp

Calissa 55-QOK1-W4DC – Best Lure for Ocean Pier Fishing

Let’s give your catch the taste and feel of a sardine, nope?

Oh no! We are not forced to use the real sardine as they may not last the second round of the fishing trip.

What we enforce is to use artificial sardines.

Calissa 55-QOKi-W4DC will never disappoint. Bearing a length of over 100mm and a weighted count of 5/8 oz. is a good fit to hang it down the pier at the death of 1 to 2 feet, and expect the fish to jiggle beyond your expectations.

The real-like build and the size make it entirely possible to grab quick attention.

And the addition of pinkish color on top of the metallic helps to retain the glow and come into visibility from the far end.

Okay, the price of it might surprise you but we believe you are gonna use it for years. Guaranteed corrosion-resistant!

Three on three-tipped hooks ensure the catches do not come loose even if they try hard to as it can withstand fish over 10+ lbs quite well!

Made in the United States of America, let’s use it anywhere around with confidence! So, if you ask us which one we could rate as the best saltwater lures for pier fishing, Calissa all the way!

Calissa 55-QOK1-W4DC Saltwater Lure is Best for Catching;

  • Halibut
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass
  • Striped Bass
  • Perch
  • Large Calicos

PROs and CONs of Calissa 55-QOK1-W4DC


  • Real-alife sardine
  • Metallic with pink for greater glow
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • You gotta wobble it a bit at your own
  • Make sure to keep hanging in the middle of the water for the catches to notice


Do not underestimate the pier fishing and take it in the light form in any way.

Get to prepare for it bearing all the fishing gear once you leave or plan for it.

Starting with the cause, you first need to set off with the best saltwater lures for pier fishing because missing out on it may ruin the whole fishing experience nevertheless, you own the good rods and the lines, and even if the pier is having the abundance of fish hurling around.

Not having a good lure results in no catch to waiting for long to land the first catch.

And that is the reason why we need you to go with the best only to have an awesome pier fishing experience! 🙂

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