Best Snorkeling in USA

Knowing things about the USA, the coastline of over 95,471 miles (or 153,652 kilometers) is the huge one circling the entire USA.

But not all the beaches seem entitled to do snorkeling, let alone what ongoing month it is.

Not just the destination, we have been listing the best snorkeling in USA including the top states.

At first, we need to find out what states seem valid ones to plan for your next trip.

And in the next series of posts, we would be shedding upon what are the specific destinations. And what time of the year would be perfect to hit snorkeling.

The Top 3 Snorkel States in the USA

Looking for the perfect snorkel spots, we would gradually open up everything about it.

At the moment, we are up only with the top 3 snorkel states in the USA to get an idea for your next vacation.

So, what are those states that allow you to dive down the water? Let’s find those best snorkeling destinations in the USA together?

Always-Rushy Snorkeling State: California

California - Snorkeling Spot in USA

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), data states the coastline of the state of California registers over a distance of 840 miles (or 1,350 kilometers.)

And the ocean from California hardly turns iced and is not that harsh during the peak winter season.

So, this whole California coastline enables you to try snorkeling without a problem.

But better is to hit the specific beaches out of the whole coastline to enjoy the best out of your snorkeling experience.

Be careful, you may hit with the other folks snorkeling underwater for sure. 🙂

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2nd Top Snorkeling State: Florida

Florida - Best Snorkeling State in USA

Florida registers over the vast coastline of 1,350 miles (or 2,170 kilometers) giving you the perfect state chose to go snorkeling.

Just like California, Florida has constantly warm water coming in being a part of the Atlantic ocean.

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One Hell of the Best Snorkeling State in US: Hawaii

Hawaii -- Best Snorkeling Place in USA

Looking for the best snorkeling beaches and snorkel spots, Hawaii is the state for ya!

Hawaii is no less than a heaven on earth.

Part of the Pacific ocean, this ocean is known for its rough sea waves, deep water filled with an abundance of sea creatures.

And that takes around 750 miles (or 1,210 kilometers) of coastline all around Hawaii state. Although the deep ocean is so deep that may frighten you to dive into the water.

But the seashore all around Hawaii’s islands has shallow water allowing you to comfortably snorkel.

Conclusion of the best snorkeling in USA

And we conclude it right here by listing the best snorkeling in USA.

The three states that are worth swimming in most of the year’s time.

Just make sure not to visit the beaches in extreme wintery months even though if it does not seem any cool in those three states.

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