Best Time to Ice Fish

No time is the best time! — Yes, this statement is as validated as anything in the world.

But what about utilizing this in fishing? And not just with fishing, into the ice fishing?

Can you just agree with the above statement to follow for ice fishing?

No way, this ain’t gonna work. Not even close to being a reality!

Ice fishing is a ‘once in a time of year’ event you cannot miss out on. And when it ices, it ices, and the season begins.

So, even in the sheer winter, there have to be some indications, and some validations to ensure the best time to ice fish.

You cannot step over the lake when it looks frozen, nor you should try it unknowingly.

And the start of the winter isn’t a proven fact the lake is ready to go for ice fishing.

In all good and worst scenarios, you have to keep in mind the best time to go ice fishing. Period!

That’s why we are here to unravel just because of you hungry anglers who try every bit to catch the favorite catches by compromising the cozy warmth back in the home.

When is the Best Time to Ice Fish?

Of course, when the lake is really frozen. And, of course, frozen to enough thickness to withstand the weight.

Simply put, we need to dwell into a little more detail to find the best right time to go for ice fishing, nope?

Which Time of the Year is Best for Ice Fishing?

Winter, the whole winter when the ice is pouring and the temperature stays close and beyond freezing mark.

Well, the best time is the late season, typically the late February to the mid of March when the ice fishing seems pretty suitable.

This is the time when the ice is super thick and you do not have to run through the extreme DI (detail inspection) before setting your feet over.

The Best Month for Ice Fishing

March with no question asked.

Why March?


  • No harsh temperature
  • Pretty stable wind conditions
  • Ice is way thick

What is the Best Time of Day to Ice Fish?

Okay, since you know the month by now. it is time to unravel with what is the best time of day to go ice fishing?

Well, we believe to hit the frozen lakes right after the sunrise for couple of reasons;

  • The lake water is pretty thick-iced in all of the night
  • Temperatures are at their lowest mark
  • No sun impact
  • Everything is super cool all around you!

Some may still try to go for ice fishing around sunset time. However, we would not recommend it becasue the all-day changes could adversely impact on the thickness of ice, making cracks hard to notice.

So, if you ask for is ice fishing at night good? We will not recommend.

Because ice fishing at night could rather drag you in troubles with no people around. Setting your setup at the remote location. And the harsh overnight weather may sometimes go at the extreme levels.

So please, do not try to take risk of ice fishing at night time!

CAUTION: When Not to Go Ice Fishing?

While every die-hard ice fishing angler would not miss a chance not to hit the lakes; there are some conditions and situations you should dearly avoid it for the sake of safety.

Not only you should follow this safety protocol once in awhile. Make it rather your habit to follow everytime.

So, what’s that safety protocol that you should never miss checking on?

Look at the ice color!

When the ice is Light Grey and Dark Black. These two are merely the DANGER SIGNS you never set over the ice.

Do not follow the instincts. Rather follow the ice color!

These two colors are the clear indications the ice have been excessively melted and extremely weak with no chance of withholding the weight.

And the color combination turns changing when the temperature falls below 32 °F.

Also, when the ice thickness is less than 4″ (inches), and more is way better. But do not compromise on the ice thickness staying lower than 4″. That’s an utter risk!

Along with all these, take the tab over the ice-fishing essentials to make the best out of this season!

Suitable Temperature for Ice Fishing

Let it be between 0 °F to 20 °F, so always keep a digital thermometer along with you to keep a tab over the current temperature, and check the changes intermittently.


Now that you know everything about the best time to ice fish; plan your fishing trip accordingly.

You are not alone. You got extreme weight with you as well coupling with the tent/hut, tackle, thick clothing, and what not!

Better off, do not ever compromise on these minute details especially when you are a loner angler on the ice!

Good luck to this year’s ice fishing experience! 🙂

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