Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Review

It is always a challenge which snorkeling mask should we entrust to take to the beach.

And that is the reason we fall under the lap of acquiring the experts’ reviews detailing what makes the single best snorkeling mask to go with.

Dive down the water with a variety of high-quality, highly standardized, and economical masks that is, of course, Cressi Big Eyes Evolution!

Explore the water with the best! And, we open up everything about Cressi Big Eyes Evolution review to lock on its features of it!

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Review

Although Cressi is not a full-fledged snorkel mask it makes it one after hooking the snorkel set with it.

And the Big Eyes in the name is deliberately put there. You should only have your optical to be compact but whatever you wear besides the optical, they have to be somewhat bigger.

Especially with the mask for snorkeling purposes, the bigger eyes are what you should go for.

So, this is the thing that Cressi Big Eyes Evolution tackles for us — providing you the bigger eyes to view the whole seabed at the wider angle

The two frames stand with quite bigger and wider eyes which you do not need to adjust and re-adjust the frame to look up, down, and to both sides.

But that is not just the whole of this mask stands with — we have several vital factors to make them count!

So, bare with us and get unraveled with what Cressi Big Eyes Evolution holds for you, me, and all of us.

Available in Different Colors — The Massively-Impacting Factor

The first thing that we take into consideration is the color. And we give a break to what it is made of due to the fact the products are being made with the increased quality and that is marginally a valid statement.

So, Cressi Big Eyes Evolution comes in a few vibrant colors;

  • Clear and Yellow
  • Black and Blue
  • Black and Yellow
  • Dark Black

Pick yours depending on your favorite colors. 🙂

Top-Notch Build Quality

See, we did not tell “top-notch build quality” but it is “Top-Notch Quality Build”.

And that is for a reason — Cressi Big Eyes Evolution got the build that has no average quality but it is quality that is top-notch.

No silicone. No rubber. And it is an excruciatingly new innovative material called ‘High Seal’ from the silicone family that ensures it got unprecedented comfort plus that is not breaking/cracking any soon.

With it, that is not going to have any cracks even though it is put within the direct sun, no melting, and not stiffing.

And it also does not leave any marks on your skin around the nose and ears.

Again, ‘High Seal’ all the way!

Easy to Wear with Adjustable Strap (with a twist as well)

It is highly easy to wear, and we mean it.

Its comfortability and easiness can be easily judged by looking at its all-silicone adjustable strap. It is wet or dry but it does not matter at all whenever you want to wear it.

Even being in the water, you can remove it off and then wear it back in mere seconds as that strap would not shrink and turn complex. We know that is the one thing not anyone wants to face being in the water.

Sturdy Buckle System

The buckle here allows the whole frame to swivel up and down without an issue. Just press the button, adjust its placement, and release the button and it would be locked.

But we must advise, do not to try adjusting the buckle without pressing the button, or else it could break/turn loose.

Highly Comfortable Skirt

It is to go into the water, and with the mask, you have to be water-proof.

The skirt sticks onto your forehead, cheeks, and below your eyes. If it does not stick, it would leak the water in.

This ability brings you the sticky thing as it is made with high-quality 100 percent silicone using the dual-injection system turning this to become elastomer.

Whichever is your facial expression, the sealing-like ring turns glued around the soonest it enters the water.

All you have to do is to numb it up around your face, get into the water, and see it not moving and sticking out how roughly you snorkel.

Clear Visibility

The good thing about is the crystal-clear visibility. So, upward visibility stands at +3 percent whereas lateral one stays at +5 percent.

If you are to look at the safety measurements to adapt during snorkeling, we have them already covered.

Lenses Build

Lenses are actually built with the tempered glass still ensuring you have clear visibility. And the graduated lenses for myopia stay between -1 to -6 diopters which are divided into two halves.

We also have separately covered the purpose of wearing glasses within the snorkel mask.

Ability to Fit in Your Own Optical Lenses

If a person has issues with their eyesight, do not worry about buying a Cressi Big Eyes Evolution mask.

Before ordering, make contact with the company and tell them to fit in your optical lenses instead of the company-fitted tempered-glasses lenses.

This exact feature helps people with bad eyesight to go snorkeling without blurred visibility.

PROs & CONs of Cressi Big Eyes Revolution Review

There are always PROs but there are also the CONs of any product.

So, Cressi Big Eyes Revolution does not go without listing ones.

PROs of Cressi Big Eyes Evolution:

  • Fits well around your facial expression
  • Larger lens to clearly view the larger field
  • Highly comfortable
  • Provides greater seal!
  • Easy to wear
  • Super lightweight
  • Does not leave masking marks on the face
  • Adjustable strap to tighten up accordingly

CONs of Cressi Big Eyes Evolution:

  • A bigger nose would feel crammed
  • Plastic buckle

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Does Not Come with a Snorkel

Yeah, that is correct — there is no snorkel in the box when you happen to buy the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution mask.

But do not panic. We have a Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Snorkel Set that only needs the attachment to the mask.

In that case, you have two options to fit with your Cressi, Italian-made, mask.

Either pick:

Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel with Splash Guard and Top Valve

Or, Cressi Foldable Adult Dry Snorkel

That does not come with the complex attachment setting. Just bring it up, take it to either side of the mask, hang it on, and you are good to go.


Snorkel with the best at your hand. And relying solely upon a mask can certainly make your life super convenient.

Although, finding a good and appropriate one is a challenge. Then it comes to the price factor to match as well.

Most snorkelers can pay well for a mask because the ultimate reason why they should have a premium one giving them a satisfactory snorkeling experience all the time.

So, the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution review opens this nice comfortable mask to better enjoy the experience.

And you can easily test it if you are visiting Oahu for snorkeling! That got some best beaches to snorkel!

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