Facts about Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always fun.

Always intriguing.

And always tempting.

But rather the divers take scuba diving to be only diving to explore the marine life and enjoy the deep dives.

However, this is extremely true to much of its extent but things are going to be extremely astonishing for sure.

So, these 13 astonishing facts about scuba diving will seriously avert your attention.

Luckily, that is going to be a true case, we bet!

Let’s unravel the facts of scuba diving together!

13 Astonishing Facts about Scuba Diving

Believe us, the scuba diving facts are pretty much straightforward without going into the hassle.

The whole experience will not only unravel the new deeper underwater world.

Astonishing Fact #1: Gadgets over Gadgets

Scuba diving is all about wearing weighted and abundant scuba diving gadgets.

A heavy oxygen cylinder, tight diving suit, mask, fins, and everything that you can name for.

So, you ought to learn diving with these many weights and gadgets.

Astonishing Fact #2: 8 Years is the Good Age!

8 years seem a good age factor for the kids to start attempting scuba diving. And the good thing is, the scuba diving gears are tidy and smaller in the size.

Just that the kids should know how to manage diving after wearing the full gears on.

Astonishing Fact #3: The Bigger and Wider Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Almost all the divers would know about the Great Barrier Reef but hardly anyone would know this astonishing fact about it.

The Great Barrier Reef, of course, offers many diving opportunities. And with that being said, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has a surface area way greater than the whole of England, so you can definitely expect the best of the hundreds of diving locations without any hassles!

Astonishing Fact #4: No Yellow and Red after 10-meters Depth!

Once you cross beyond 10 meters in diving, you would not be able to identify red and yellow colors.

So, if the blood is flowing out of your body (GOD forbids!) would rather look like anything until and unless you start feeling the pain giving the perception that could be traces of blood around.

Astonishing Fact #5: Everything Looks (WAY) Bigger

Expect everything to look 33 percent larger in size because things look relatively bigger than underwear, especially after wearing the diving mask thanks to the light refraction effect.

Astonishing Fact #6: SCUBA is Not a name, is Basically an Acronym

Scuba = Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Astonishing Fact #7: Deepest Scuba Dive Record

Ahmed Gabr, a diver (an ex-Army officer) from Egypt at his 41st of age, dived in the Red Sea on September 18, 2014, close to Dahab, Egypt, took a plunge to reach the depth of 332.35 m (1,090 ft and 45 in) and took the placement in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is still an unbreakable record since the day it was incepted.

Astonishing Fact #8: 30-meters Passing and the Role of Nitrogen Narcosis

Nitrogen Narcosis will adversely impact all the divers, and you cannot converse yourself.

So, be ready to face it (feeling somewhat drunk) and if you feel heavily drowsy, unplug yourself out of the water.

Astonishing Fact #9: Toxic Oxygen

When passing the mark of 42-meters, the oxygen level becomes toxic due to increased pressure. That is the reason the special gases inject into the cylinder to help breathe without a problem.

Astonishing Fact #10: Inception of Scuba Gear

It was 1943 when Jacques Cousteau first invested the scuba gears

Astonishing Fact #11: Wet Suits Largely Help in Several Cases!

Not only the wet suits that the divers wear can help to feel enough warm but the same would help buoyant. That is the reason you do not need to do swimming alone even though wearing the heavier gear.

Astonishing Fact #12: No Sound Direction Detection

Yes, that is quite interesting you cannot detect the sound direction underwater.

The sound travels 5-times faster than the air, so you cannot really determine its direction of it.

Check out what seems by Scuba Diving, and understand its truest value in detail!

Astonishing Fact #13: Get, Set, and Fit!

That is really shocking the divers can easily burn up to 600 kCal in an hour, on average due to matching with the water temperature.

That is the reason scuba diving burns calories exceedingly faster than any other known sporting activity.

Conclusion Time

Do not exaggerate — these 13 astonishing facts about scuba diving will really send you mesmerizing vibes to your nerves!

The fun all along with those astonishing facts is set to stun you, and we bet for it!

Be ready to explore the underwater world with confidence, and thank us later! 🙂

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