How to Ice Fish for Pike

Pike fishing is the best fishing in the world! The experience is purely different level!

Since it is fun catching pike, namely Northern Pike in its full form, the entire fishing process is not even as easy as we framed it.

Lots and lots of preparation you would have to follow up finally enabling you how to ice fish for Pike.

Yes, catch Pike out of a frozen lake containing a thick layer of ice.

And this is the *ideal* time of the year when you can expect the large and heavy-weighted Northern Pikes in your hook.

Ice Fishing for Pike — How to catch Pike in Winter

How to ice fish for Northern Pike is pretty subtle involving no hassle at all if you do the preparations accordingly.

And when you do, you have a 99 percent success rate ensured way before casting the line to catch Northern Pike.

You Need a Fishing Rod First

Bring a spinning rod possibly with medium to heavy power and action.

And the suitable length of 36″ (inches) seems a deal breaker.

Fishing Reel for Pike Ice Fishing

Get a spinning reel containing 2000 of size. That ensures the reel is pretty lightweight on the rod which you demand the most when ice fishing for Pike in winter.

Fishing Line Fitting for Pike Fishing

No fancy stuff in it. Just a 20-lbs test braided line would be enough to hold much of the weight of Pike with ease.

However, you can also follow the same profile with the monofilament line if you want to test different strategies just for experimental purposes.

Suitable Leader Line

The crucial part which goes directly into the mouth of the Pike needs to be heavy enough, or at least capable to hold it.

Either get a 2 feet wire leader or clinch a piece of fluorocarbon line with 60-lbs test power.

Preferably use the metal leader as the Pikes got sharp teeth and they would surely make strong bites to cut.

Hook to Hold Northern Pike

#6 is the good size of hook to go with be it a single or treble one (pick as you wish!)

Baits and Lures to Cast for Pike Ice Fishing

For baits to use in Pike Ice Fishing;

  • Wax worms
  • Minnows
  • Baitfish
  • Large golden shiner
  • White suckers
  • Sea smelts

And the best types of lures to catch Pike in winter;

  • Spoons
  • ShadsSpinnerbaits
  • Crankbaits

The Factual Ice Fishing for Pike Tips You Should Always Cater To!

The following seems the best tips for ice fishing Pike.

But believe us, winter Pike fishing is real fun and doubling the excitement!

Depth: One of top-of-the-line ice fishing tips for Northern Pike as it mainly hurls around the shallow water, where you do not need to unwind the whole line in search.

So, down the line to up to 5 to 6 feet depth in the open water.

Also, the Pikes find suitable to nest around the fallen trees, weeds, and the bushes piling up, so you have better chance to dig a hole in ice and catch them real quick.

But if you ask us the typical depth you can find off the Northern Pikes swimming; expect it to be between 10 to 30 feets.

March: The month of March when the ice is pretty thick and the outer temperatures are not that harsh.

Mid-Morning Catch Time: The suitable timing to ice fish Pikes is somewhere around mid-morning, 10 am to 2 pm time slab.

While many would disagree and rather recommend to go for ice fishing in the early morning, but this is for Pike, no?

Do it as your convenience. And experiment to devise your own way around.

Visiting Michigan this winter? Do not forget to hit these lakes with the chance of them swarmed with Northern Pike!


Bet the Pike fishing in winter is super fun.


And, absolute joy.

Feel the real difference to ice fishing the Pike in sheer winter than the summer.

You have pretty much of the protocols to follow in order to catch Northern Pike as well as keeping yourself safe, sound, warm, and dry.

That’s the big challenge you will have to face on the frozen lake but believe us, that’s worth the fishing trip even in your life!

Go with confidence as you now know the deep of how to ice fish for Pike!

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