How Long Can You Stay Underwater With A Snorkel

There are few misconceptions that need cleared from the beginning — how long can you stay underwater with a snorkel?

This is the pure question all recreational snorkelers would never bother to ask.

But for safety purpose, you must possess the right answer to this danger-triggering question.

What we know snorkel is the device that helps out breathing underwater. But not all the snorkels can let you float underwater.

If you try submerging with the traditional snorkel, get ready to taste the excessively-salted seawater into your mouth.

Despite having the right type of snorkel in your possession, the issues remain intact — how long you can really float underwater with all types of snorkels?

Let us allow to solve the riddle for ya’ll! 🙂

What Type of Snorkels Can Get You to Float Underwater

First thing first: the right type(s) of the snorkel is the priority, an important aspect to support your decision to go underwater.

Floating with the traditional and common snorkel is outright wrong. You must get this point straight — common snorkel is not fit for the job, that’s it!

Floating underwater (or snorkeling underwater) is only and only possible by having either a dry snorkel or a semi-dry snorkel.

We would rather fall for dry snorkel as it surely justifies keeping the water outta the snorkel tube.

We are not veering off the topic, to get ahold of how long we can spend underwater with a snorkel, we must get all the information sorted so that what kind of equipment that lead us floating underwater first.

And that is exactly what we are doing at the moment — weaving the cotton together.

For the serious snorkelers wanting to spend their entire snorkeling experience being close to the seabed, go with dry snorkel at all cost.

It comes with the float valve found inside the tube which clearly seals the tube and helps to avoid entering the water inside it when submerged.

As you float underwater, you would not have to throw out/push out the water by force to clear the tube. So, it lets you to enjoy the fresh air without needing to resurface time to time.

But dry snorkel is still not the type of snorkel which will provide you the opportunity to float for minutes.

As long as the oxygen is present within the mask which you had inhaled a the time of diving, you would be able to last floating. And then resurface for awhile to inhale back the oxygen and dive again.

As the name suggests, we would not suggest this semi-dry snorkel to try for long when snorkeling underwater.

However, this can give you a complete minute (or less) to snorkel underwater but do not expect it operating for more.

Unlike the dry snorkel, it does not come with any sealing object instead it got a splash guard installed on the top of tube tat filters out the water.

So, no sealing there will eventually make the water to seep through the snorkel tube and you would feel the salty water reaching your throat.

Not safe, not really safe when you are floating close to the seabed.

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How Long Can you Stay Underwater with a Snorkel?

And here comes the answer with difference scenario on the list.

Floating over the water with face down:

How long I can be floating over the water with face down?


And there is no doubt in that. You are wearing the snorkel mask, snorkel is outta the seawater, and you are bursting your body to float; you can spend hours and hours in that position.

All kind of the snorkel tubes, snorkel mask would be able to work in this case.

Floating underwater with semi-dry snorkel:

A minute, at max. You cannot really do anything about it to extend the time period.

The moment you plunge under the water, the countdown then starts where it may (or may not) last for over a complete minute.

The soonest you feel the water slips into your mouth, do not waste a second and resurface out of the water to have fresh breath.

Floating underwater with dry snorkel:

Prime scenario, the dry snorkel can get you to snorkel underwater for minutes. Maybe two minutes seem kinda admissible to hold your breath.

And the chances are the water would hardly seep in giving you the benefit to burn all the oxygen inside the mask before it urges to resurface.

How Deep can You Snorkel?

After fiddling out how long to stay underwater with a snorkel, it seems quite obvious to unriddle the myth of how deep can you snorkel?

1 meter is the prime depth without pushing pressure on your lungs and body parts.

While experienced snorkelers can even try 2 meters but one should not go past 2 meters to avoid meeting with any unfortunate mishaps.


We urge to stay safe at snorkeling.

The right equipment would not make any difference if you do not hold the right information.

And the right information is all about how long and how deep you can snorkel underwater.

Get these figures buried into your mind and enjoy underwater snorkeling!

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