How to Sanitize Snorkel Mouthpiece

Although not all the snorkeling gear who s come into contact, i.e. having been going directly into the mouth or anywhere but it is always wise to use your own.

Man! Oh, man! There’s hardly anyone who would give out the snorkeling equipment to anyone, not even the family members.

And that is the fact these involve the proper hygiene to maintain which is entirely possible but how.

Not that we have covered the standard cleanup procedure for the snorkel gears but we are here to unravel how to sanitize the snorkel mouthpieces.

The snorkel mouthpiece is the only gear that goes into the mouth and stays there for an extended time, hence the saliva and other germs can haunt it.

So, you cannot give it out to anyone plus you cannot use it after proper cleanup.

Stick with us to get the complete cleanup methods to get your snorkel mouthpiece sanitized and make it ready for safer use!

How to sanitize snorkel mouthpiece

Some Easy Ways Unraveling How to Clean Snorkel Mouthpiece

While many would skip the idea of properly cleaning the snorkel mouthpiece if they have been using it all by themselves.

But here is the problem; it is no good to leave the mouthpiece uncleaned whether or not you only use it.

The presence of germs, and all could get to serious health conditions for sure.

Let’s no more ‘hanky and pinky at all, go straight to sanitize the snorkel mouthpiece with real good and easy-to-follow cleaning procedure.

Cleaning Snorkel Mouthpiece with Rum/Alcohol

  • Just get any kind of rum and pour it into a cup
  • Dip the snorkel mouthpiece inside that cup of rum for a few minutes
  • Take it out, rinse it with fresh tap water, and let it air dry

Note: Do not use the snorkel mouthpiece immediately after the cleanup with rum and wait for a couple of hours (six hours at minimum) for the rum to lose its effectiveness.

Cleaning the Snorkel Mouthpiece using the Combo of Bleach and Warm Water

  • Get a bucket and fill it with mild-warm water
  • Pour a bit quantity of bleach rated for washing clothes
  • Mix it up
  • Submerge the whole snorkel mouthpiece into that bucket and leave it there for 5 to 15 minutes
  • Take out the bleach plus warm water and rinse with tap water
  • Then soak it using a clean and soft towel until all the water has dried up
  • And you can safely use the snorkel mouthpiece afterward

Snorkel Mouthpiece Cleanup with Warm Soapy Water

  • Fill the warm water in a bucket and dip some cut pieces of standard bathroom soap
  • Mix until the soap pieces get dissolved
  • Immerse the snorkel mouthpiece inside the bucket
  • Let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Pull it out and dry it up using a soft piece of fabric
  • Put it up on the table for air drying, and then it is ready to use!

Do Not Lend the Snorkel Mouthpiece

Yes, please; do not lend the snorkel mouthpiece to anyone.

And the reason is germs, germs, and germs.

Although you can completely get rid of the germs no way, that is not possible to let anyone use it for good health reason!


That is no good to be lending the snorkel mouthpiece even to your family members. And if one asks for it, go negative.

While many would feel sufficient to clean it after use, we urge you to clean it before use as well for double your safety.

So, you got the whole idea mapped out on how to sanitize the snorkel mouthpieces to get the germs away. And these steps are really not gonna cost you a lot but only the time.

Go with regular cleanup of your snorkel mouthpiece and stay healthy!

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