How to Snorkel without Swallowing Water

How to snorkel without swallowing water and that too when your mouth wearing the mouthpiece attached to the snorkeling device, this can still let the water go past.

And when the water does go into your mouth, that is extremely difficult to get rid of it.

What normally the snorkelers do is to get their heads out of the water and spit out the water by unwinding the mouthpiece.

There seem certain ways to stop swallowing the water during the snorkel.

But how? Let us unwind all of them.

How to Snorkel without Swallowing Water — 5 Common Wrongs with Solutions!

Swallowing water during snorkeling can turn out to be an ordeal.

When the water slips into your mouth, it can lead to your throat giving you a bad cough. And coughing when submerged is entirely a bad situation to deal with.

The only way out seems like taking the head outta the water to spit the trapped water out.

Yes, that seems only an option — spit out the water by resurfacing yourself. But what a perfect solution is to avoid swallowing the water, is to wear everything tight and correctly.

So, all the How TOs always involve a series of processes.

Employ one and all to avoid meeting the unfortunate circumstances.

1- Proper Fitting the Snorkel Equipment

First thing first, the snorkel equipment could be the first indicator they would either be loose on your mouth.

Or the second issue could be, you are not wearing them properly.

In either situation, you first have to understand and adapt the practices to wear them in proper manners.

Anything leaving loose, that would allow the water to slip into your mouth no matter how forcibly you try to wear them.


Get the mask and a snorkel tube according to your face’s size.

So, you must have to have the fitments ready if you are purchasing online.

Or if you are visiting the local shop for the purchase and do not know the readings of your face, get the shop owner to help out picking the right fitting snorkel equipment.

2- Limit Your Breathing

Breathing underwater is not a normal thing that you should adapt to.

Although snorkeling is about answering the underrated questions of can I breathe underwater with a snorkel? The simple answer is YES!


Snorkel is the one that enables you to breathe without suffocation. But the problem is you should limit your breathing frequency.

If it is your first time snorkeling, the exercise of breathing underwater can be a difficult task.

But as you live up snorkeling for some time, you would not find it any difficult at all.

The issue still remains; limit your breathing. Do not just open your mouth as wide as to give water space. And when you give even a bit of space, the water would never stop, would it? 🙂

3- Think Snorkel Your Only Way of Breathing

Do not thin the other way around. When yo are submerged, there is no way you can inhale and exhale breathes out of the snorkel device.

Trying anything else for breathing like adjusting/re-adjusting the mouthpiece, trying to grab a bite, or doing something else, the bit of the space can slip away the water entering your mouth.


Breath only through the mouth and you would have to taste the water.

Keep the snorkeling breathing tube well fitted into your mouth for the better grip.

4- Practice First

Under many circumstances, practicing the snorkel is the valid option to go.

And it is not just practicing in the open sea. Doing it for the first time could (unfortunately) trigger some kinda of alarming situations because the open sea just gets deeper and deeper as you slide further.


The best option is to try snorkeling in swimming pool to avoid any mishaps.

That actually is the part of how to snorkel underwater effectively so to look and feel safe.

5- Mouth is Not just One that Swallows the Water

And that is true — mouth is not just one body part that takes in the water while snorkeling.

The moment you do the diving with a snorkel mask up and having covered your mouth properly, there is one part that still can get the water to slip in.

That is nose. Upon diving, you can feel like having the water entering inside giving the worst experience to fae.


Use a nose clip and you would be good to go.

And when you are learning to snorkel, this is the time that you should be using the nose clip to feel norm by the time.

Using the nose clip infrequently believing you would not have to use one, do not fall for it as anything can happen overtime without any notice.

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Worst Case Scenarios Triggering by Swallowing Water During Snorkeling

There are normal to worst scenarios that you can meet with if the water slips into your mouth/throat.

And what are them; let us quickly elaborate all the possible scenarios right below.

  • Abruptly swallowing the water down the throat, it can disturb your breathing tube giving you worst hiccups within the water. If that does, GOD forbid, it can turn out to be fatal.
  • You may drown in distress.
  • Not able to breath at all.
  • Sea contains saltwater which can disturb your health.

Why does My Snorkel Fill with Water?

After all the tips you have been rigorously following, there is still the chances your snorkel may still fill with water.

If that is happening with you and you do not know the obvious reason as to how come it is happening, take this as an advice, please.

The problem may (and maye be) because of you either have short snorkel tube without a filter that stops the water when submerging.

If you have that type of snorkel, you are down and dusted.

So, float over the water surface to avoid getting the water going into the tube.

Or get the filtered snorkel if you are an avid diver wanting to explore the hidden coral world.


And that is all about snorkeling!

Although it covers almost all the snorkeling tips and techniques but there could be something missing — to cover all of them up in details, you should be looking at this piece of snorkeling dos and don’ts that we brought up for you in excessive detail.

Now that you know how to snorkel without swallowing water — we believe and wish for the outstanding snorkeling experience everytime! 🙂

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