Ice Fishing Essentials

Going ice fishing without looking and adding the proper ice fishing essentials can cost you a lot!

The damage could be so severe. And you will always, and always face dire consequences for sure.

There are a lot of phases of preparation that you need to go through — dress to counter the sheer cold, ice fishing gear, and the equipment required to allow you ice fishing.

Stick to this guide and be ready to do outstandingly on your next ice fishing trip!

Ice Fishing Essentials to Witness the Best Performance This Winter

We will categorize the whole of the ice fishing essentials into separate category so that you should know what to take along with you.

Ice Fishing Gear You Should Not Forget at all

Probable ice fishing gear that you cannot leave behind. Remember a thing here; expect that you would be there on the spot all by yourself. And the reason is fair; who would be ice-fishing in this sheer cold?

It really is the game of the die-hard anglers to try their luck in the frigging cold and sit over the frozen water.

So, let’s talk real quick about covering the ice fishing gear

  • Jigging rod with a short length bearing the medium-action
  • A spinning reel with a model smaller than 2500
  • Smaller hooks that size up to #14 to #3 depending on what bait you want to hook over to lure the fishes
  • Use wax worms, spikes, wigglers, and minnows as the live bait. For artificial lures, know no boundary at all!
  • Fishing tackle box to fit most of your fishing stuff in it, Pick it with your own intuition!

Equipment to Take Along on Ice Fishing Trip!

The set of equipment that you would dearly need to make your ice fishing trip a success!

Ice Fishing Shelter

The cold is another factor that you can easily counter by wearing coats, jackets, and many other warm clothes.

But can you imagine just one thing? The wind! The freezing wind with the capability to shiver up your bones.

Yes, that wind that you can hardly cope with. So for that, get a roomy ice fishing shelter of your choice.

Even if you are going solo, take the shelter which can compensate up to 2 to 3 persons with ease. The reason is, that you will have the fishing gear and everything with you that would require a good amount of place to get placed.

And if you are 2 or 3 companions, get a bigger ice fishing shelter for the same; place things up conveniently without sacrificing comfort.

Hand Auger

In ice fishing, there are a few pieces of equipment that you cannot skip taking them along.

And the core equipment is the hand auger. The manual hand auger to make holes in the ice enables you to cast the line through.

You must ensure the hole is at least 8″ in diameter to take the catch outta without hitting an issue.

Ice Scooper

Placing the stuff on the surface of ice could be a sheer issue. Tripping, tilting, and slipping are the three major concerns.

So, digging a bit of ice seems the only solution. But how really do it? Of course, you would not want to undo the layers of gloves on your hand, and you cannot bear to touch the frozen ice due to the possibility of frostbite.

No way you should be touching the ice with bare hands.

Use ice scooper instead. When sitting in the tent and using the ice scooper, you would not need to move much around.


The old-traditional fishing system involves the fishing rod, reel, and line to cast in the water, nope?

But on ice fishing, you have less chance of getting successful catches. Probably, you might only catch one fish after a good complete hour. Yes, that may happen for sure!

Dig as many holes as possible, place tip-ups on all those holes, attach the bait to the braided line hooked to the tip-up, lower the line, and keep looking a the flag momentarily to see if it is raised indicating the fish caught.

Ice Fishing Sled

Let’s not hold your stuff, drag them!

The ice fishing sled would be a convenient addition to your possession, we must bet!

Foldable Ice Fishing Chair

Where do you want to sit up? Of course, not on the freezing ice!

Get yourself a foldable ice fishing chair that is quite lightweight, and compact so that you do not need to occupy much of the space.

Fish Finder

Before placing the shelter and doing the hole, you need one core piece of equipment that will determine your success rate.

And that is a fish finder. Get one rated to work on ice and make continue with establishing the ice fishing setup.

Visiting Wisconsin by any chance this winter? Hit these lakes for ice fishing!

Suitable Dressing for Ice Fishing to Stay Warm, Cozy, and Dry

You might need layers of clothing to get spared the freezing cold.

However, the surrounding will be filled with dangerously low humidity plus the wet spots doing every effort to turn your dressing wet as well.

It would be a difficult task to cope with it but you can do a great effort to stay warm and dry for as long as you want to.

And that is entirely possible when you have not just the proper dressing but the right dressing and all the stuff worn up.

Be with us then!

Waterproof Jacket on Top with Bib

No matter what you have worn inside, that is not my main concern.

The thing is, you have to cover yourself with a good waterproof jacket insulated enough to keep the humidity out and make you feel enough warm and cozy from the inside.

Ensure that it has the pre-attached cap on top to give enough warmth to your head.

As for the bib, you can purchase one separately but we urge you to get the jacket with the bib’s combo so that they match with providing equal warmth, altogether.

Shirts and Sweaters

Again, the layers over layers are the real game of the throne to lock in and bring the warm.

So the jacket and everything is the best counter to reduce the adverse effect of the outer cold. However, the shirts and sweaters would hold the warm not slipping out.

Get the shirts and sweaters made with wool (highly recommended) or at least with fleece for the best warmth locking.

Gloves on Hands

Wearing gloves are an essential part of the dressing to prepare for ice fishing.

And you should be doing that in the form of layers — thinner glove on the bottom and then the thick warm but loose glove on the top. This way you would be able to save yourself from running into a dilemma all the time when needed to undo the gloves.

Wearing only one set of gloves and undoing it intermittently will cause your hand to be bit by frostbite. Rater the thinner glove, in the beginning, will keep the warmth locked in even when you take down the thick glove.


Just like everything in the line of dresses, the socks should be of thick wool that provides the best insulation helping to lock in the warmth.

So, you must ensure the pair of socks that you are opting to purchase are rated to cater to the intensity of ice.


Go with the snow-rated insulated boots that spare your feet from turning cold. And the natural thermal insulation which the rubber provides is remarkable.

Let’s pick the rubber-made boots without a doubt!


Go prepared because you can risk your life on the ice!

And all of these ice fishing essentials will make your woes eradicated for sure.

Understand that the ice is something you cannot withstand its intensity for super long, so no skipping on these essentials at all!

Have them, and have the blaring ice fishing trip of your life even being a complete solo!

Good luck, the icy anglers!! 🙂

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