Is It Safe to Rent Snorkel Equipment During COVID?

It is just start of 2022 and COVID-19 is still lingering around. And for the folks with immense snorkeling love; buying the snorkel equipment is the safest option.

But what about renting the snorkel equipment? And, if that question of is it safe to rent snorkel equipment during COVID?

Yeah, renting the snorkeling gears to converse yourself some good bucks because you are not an avid and regular snorkeler.

With COVID around, we do not feel like advising you not to rent out the snorkel equipment at all.

Is It Really Safe to Rent Snorkel Equipment During COVID

No, we would never advise to rent snorkel gear at all.

It is COVID, its different variant going on around the world and still trying the thorough disinfection may still put us in doubts.

Why live in the delusions when you are not satisfied renting the snorkel gears.

What Makes it Not Safe to Rent Snorkeling Gears During COVID-19?

Get on All the Reasons to Find Why Renting the Snorkel Gears is Unsafe

There are plenty of reasons that can literally explain why renting the snorkel gears seem unsafe. And if you bypass any of these valid reasons, we doubt you do not take corona outbreak serious at all.

The Snorkeling Equipment Goes Right into the Snorkeler’s Mouth

We all know many of the snorkeling equipment goes into the mouth, especially the mouthpiece.

So, trusting the level of cleanup and disinfection may still leave us into the world of doubt if it was really cleaned.

That sounds so odd to have the rented mouthpiece into our mouth, but we would not try it because of COVID outbreak.

We do Not Know if the Rental Snorkel Gear is Cleaned/Disinfected

Yes, there is always the doubt of cleaning and disinfecting the rented snorkel gear.

If that is the capriciousness dwelling into your mind, you must not practice the snorkeling at all.

Or the second option is to get your own personal snorkeling gear to keep up with you all the time.

So, is Renting Snorkel Gear Safe?

No, after all these reasons sorted out; this should lead to the conclusion of renting snorkel gear is unsafe.

But still, those who take the risk to use the rental snorkel gear, we have another way around to use them without any worries.

How to Disinfect Rental Snorkeling Gear

Giving more weightage not to use the rental snorkeling gear, there is still the method that takes you through how to disinfect rental snorkeling gear.

As disinfection tends to be an extreme requirement due to COVID outbreak, we never compromise on this part to ensure the snorkeling gears are ready to serve and go on to rentals.

Get to Use Proper and High-Quality Disinfectant

Gone are the days when we used to use any other available disinfectant without looking at the

You must take these two recommendations at play:

  • CDC-recommended and EPA-approved COVID-19 disinfectants
  • Diluted bleach solution

What to Disinfect

All the snorkeling gears including;

  • Snorkel Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel Tube

Apply the disinfectant all around the snorkel gears, wipe, and let it air dry.

If you are using the bleach, then add 1/3 cup of it into a gallon of fresh water then place all the snorkeling gears inside the bucket for up to 15 to 30 minutes.

Once the time period is over, take all of them out, rinse it with fresh tap water, and place them in the open air to turn air dry and not under the direct sunshine.

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Why Disinfection is So Important

With the excessive usage and different folks using the same snorkel equipment time to time, we never put the proper disinfection.

And hence, you have to properly disinfect the gears after every use.

Not just disinfect and send the gears on the rental; you must wait for the few days before having it to relist for use.

Looking for the dedicated piece on how to clean snorkel gear, read that out in full!


Now you know if is it safe to rent snorkel equipment during COVID.

Not that we have stressed upon the safety part and why you should first avid to use the rental snorkeling gears now.

But we also listed the methods to properly disinfect the rented snorkel gears to reuse.

Still if you do not believe to use the rental gears, it is alright. We do not force you to must use them, either you should purchase your own depending on the willingness.

And if you are courageous enough to take the risk, make sure the snorkeling gears are properly sanitized.

In either cases, stay safe and healthy. COVID is no joke, so do not compromise on your health.

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