Long Fins vs Short Fins for Snorkeling

Without further a duo, let’s get straight to this comparison of long fins vs short fins for snorkeling.

And without a doubt, we need the fins, be it either long or short, for the sake of stable movement underwater.

The bare feet thrusting is good for health but it involves too much energy which we can easily drain outta the body.

However, all the swimming processes should be relatively easier on your body, especially when snorkeling.

The snorkeling is for the immense recreation, to enjoy the world below water, and worrying about energy and uneasiness would blow all the charm.

Do not bother around — we let you to decide whichever fins are good for recreational snorkeling.

But do not just pick all by yourself or fall in the trap of the sellers. Decide for yourself.

Long Fins vs Short Fins for Snorkeling — Whichever Should I Really Pick?

And let’s head to the initiation of the long debate whether or not you pick the long fins or short ones.

We will cover them both in good details to ease out your selection backed with the facts (and figures where possible.)

The overall scenario is what you would set to experience down with this content.

Whether it is long or short fins for snorkeling, we urge to always opt for the fins to best enjoy your underwater time.

Short Fins vs Long Fins for Snorkeling — The Real Comparison Starts Right From Here!

When we talk about the fins to use for snorkeling and despite of the sizes, the need of the time is which snorkel should best fit in the ideal situations.

Picking one by your gut feelings, we would never recommend going this way because we do not know the depth about what snorkeling fins seem good and right to the need.

And when the short or long fins are available in the market, that means they both seem to be working good in particular situations but not ideal to use without knowing everything about the both types.

Seriously speaking, we will dig deep into the versus part for both snorkeling fins types for you to enlighten and help making up the decision to pick the right one for yourself.

What is Long Fins for Snorkeling?

First off, long fins are best at giving you ruddering power to catch up more of the distance without any hassle.

The long fins’ one thurst can easily get you to cover two to three meters in a splash.

For the folks just wanting to explore the underwater world with being over the sea surface, the long fins would be a perfect option.

What is Short Fins for Snorkeling?

The best choice for the recreational snorkeling, short fins perform super good underwater to keep you gliding with somewhat faster pace than bare foot kicking.

And the short fins come with the ability to fast underwater maneuvering to change your course without much effort.

PROs of Long Fins:

  • Expect faster covering your distance with each and every kick
  • Low resistance conversing your energy
  • Bendable and flexible blades to conveniently kick through the rough currents without worrying about breaking them

CONs of Long Fins:

  • Hard to maneuver
  • Not a good fit for recreational/slow moving snorkeling
  • Cannot go slow
  • Looks weird when wearing and walking
  • Accidental twisting may break it

PROs of Short Fins:

  • Quick maneuver without a problem
  • Legs would be feeling like stroking naturally
  • Gives increased stability underwater
  • Looks natural at wearing

CONs of Short Fins:

  • Takes a lot of kicking at the faster tempo without covering more distance
  • May drain your body out of energy after a minute or two
  • Not designed for fast moving through the water

Do you Really Need Fins to Snorkel?

Well, we had already covered this whole topic of do you need fins to snorkel separately.

There you would have a chance to grab the wholesome of scenarios that may trigger the absolute need of the fins to snorkel.

What Kind of Fins are Best for Snorkeling?

And it depends — some may pick short and some would go with long fins.

As it depends on your personal preferences. So, get your personal preferences straight if you got the need of just sniffing through the water. Or if you are the slow mover wanting to explore the underwater world.

So, the first scope takes the long fins as the best choice. And the second one would be sufficient enough to go with short fins.

Standard Snorkel Fins Size Chart (as in U.S.A.)

Important Note

The above figures are in ‘Inches‘ and all the sizes are based upon the true sizes use in United States of America.

The short fins for snorkeling are generally available in the market that goes to the maximum and below 25.0 inches.

Whereas, any fin above 25.0 inches is considered as the long snorkeling fin.

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Are Short Fins Better than Long Fins — Who’s The Winner?

We believe short fins due to multiple reasons.

And the only and only reason seems to be the recreational snorkeling because snorkeling is all about exploring the underwater world.

And you cannot really be this fast to move past the entire reef world with few splashes of kicks.

So, go for short fins due to this one damned reason! 🙂


So as decided and proved, the short fins are the best one due to multiple reasons and findings.

And that actually concludes the wholesome of long fins vs short fins for snorkeling with the clear winner being Short Fins!

To the overall scenario, it mainly covers different aspects of the both fins types and the clear pros and cons giving you an edge to decide to pick from either.

And depending on your own preferences, the obvious reasons detailed out are sufficient enough to make up your mind.

Fun snorkeling seems possible with the short fins, isn’t it?

Without a doubt, short fins all the way! 🙂

So, have ’em and stick to the underwater world to explore on your own!

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