Snorkeling Vest vs Life Jacket

Wait a minute! Do not you know the difference between a snorkeling vest vs a life jacket?

Okay, this comparison can literally trick the folks because they feel like the snorkeling vest and the life jacket are the same.

But the reality is, they both are tragically different than each other; all the way from look/design to the use.

Or better state, they go in using on different occasions/events. So, they are in no way identical to each other.

Worry not, we got you the major blow of information to back this claim.

Snorkeling Vest vs Life Jacket

Snorkeling vest vs life jacket, and that is the turning point where (almost) everyone takes it wrong.

Mind it, the snorkeling vests are way different than the life jacket, and vice versa.

So, you better saddle up to get a grip on what are the real differences between the two.

Nevertheless, this skims all the doubts if is a snorkel vest a life jacket because it really is not. 🙂

How are the Snorkel Vest and Life Jacket Different from Each Other?

The first common (not different) aspect of the snorkel vest and life jacket is that they both provide excellent buoyancy to you. So you do not need to be knowing how to swim when you first wear them (either of them!)

But still, there is clearly a difference that varies from situation to situation and event from event.

Difference #1: Face Down or Outta the Water Surface

A life jacket keeps your head outta the water’s surface, and that would make the situation super worst if you forcibly try to submerge. The life jacket helps you to float over the water

Whereas, the snorkel vest does not let you submerge but gives you a pleasant moment to explore the underwater world by sticking your head inside the water.

Winner outta Difference #1: Snorkel Vest!

Difference #2: Comfortable Buoyancy!

If you look at the outer look of the both, life jacket and the snorkel vest, you can clearly spot a big difference — the construction part and the comfortable buoyancy looks impossible by wearing the life jacket.

The build of the life jacket which takes the extra padding in form of foam and such make it horribly bulkier that you cannot maneuver it freely.

On the other hand, the snorkel vest contains no foam at all. All it requires is the inflatable air that you can comfortably do with your mouth (no additional air device needed!)

Due to that air-inflated system, you may buoyant without any restrictions. Not that you can do the full-fledged swimming but the overall floating experience is pretty comfortable than the life jacket.

Winner outta Difference #2: Snorkel Vest once again!

Difference #3: ReadyMade!

Sorry, I could not hook up a good heading to that difference, so my bad! 🙂

For the life jacket, yeah, it is pretty much ‘ReadyMade’ to wear. Wear it up, secure all the straps, and there you go.

But that is not going to be the simple case with a snorkel vest, you may wear it real quick but how about inflating it? Although you have to pour the air down the vest with your mouth still that is gonna take some time and effort to make it ready.

Make sure to inflate it to acceptable limits to avoid puncturing.

Winner outta Difference #3: Life Jacket, thank goodness!

Difference #4: Weight

We all know the life jacket contains bulky foam, pretty much the straps all around, the zipper, and everything that can make it a little overweight.

However, the material commonly used to craft the life jacket is either nylon or polyester fabrics that are lightweight.

The snorkel vest is plain and simple, made with neoprene (generally) making it considerably lightweight than the life jacket.

Winner outta Difference #4: Snorkel Vest!


You better know how a snorkeling vest differs from a life jacket. And to our surprise, the snorkeling vests are a good fit for all the snorkeling experience but it also wins over the life jacket in many aspects.

So, that completes the snorkeling vest vs life jacket defining why should you pick a snorkel vest for pure snorkeling purposes.

Do not take the advice, please to ensure you have the best time, all the time! 🙂

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