What is a Snorkel Vest

First-time snorkelers may often drop the idea of getting some sort of PFDs with them.

What they do believe is that snorkeling can experiment while submerged. But for your pure safety measurements, we will always recommend and urge you to take on the safety products on your next snorkeling trip if anyone suggests otherwise.

If talking with fellow snorkelers to get the safety objects, they will deny them outright stating it will ruin the nature of the pure snorkeling experience.

Out of the safety products, objects, and practices; we feel the snorkel vest should be your number one priority to put on when you know the swimming or not.

So, what exactly is a snorkel vest down the line?

Do not worry, we got you covered!

What is a Snorkel Vest?

Okay! That is in no way close to the life jacket. It is a snorkel vest for sure, a completely-different version from the life jacket.

The purpose of the snorkeling vest is damn clear; to keep you safe from drowning when snorkeling is part of the personal floatation devices (PFDs) family.

When you have it on, the snorkeler keeps floating while submerging the face without any effort.

What Does a Snorkel Vest Do?

They (snorkel vests) do not contain any form of foam and other padding materials but take in the air providing the natural-like buoyancy to freely swim.

So, this is what a snorkel vest is commonly used for — to keep you floating and buoying by keeping all the safety protocols checked.

Should Non-Swimmer Wear a Snorkeling Vest?

Why should not he (or she) wear a snorkeling vest? After all, this is for your own good safety

The non-swimmers know nothing about swimming or staying afloat. For them, the snorkeling vest is a pure blessing and requires (almost) no supervision to be around the bunch of folks nearby.

Hence, suppose that is a snorkel vest necessary? Then our answer is crystal-clear; it is given the fact it ensures your good safety.

And we recommend always using it (snorkel vest) whether or not you know the swimming.

How to Use a Snorkel Vest

It is damn easy to use a snorkel vest, from wearing it to going underwater with it.

Whether or not the state you are going to hit the snorkeling spots, it might be enforced to wear the snorkeling vest.

Even if it is not by law, do not forget to wear it.

Part 1: How to Wear a Snorkeling Vest

  • Wear the snorkeling vest with keeping all the straps loose
  • Tighten all the straps to the degree where the vest does not stay loose or pop out
  • Inflate it with mouth air and you are done!

Part 2: How to Go Underwater with Snorkeling Vest

Once the snorkel vest goes inflated up to the maximum extent, you may lower your body in the sea to start floating.

Although, you should not be taking the high jump down the water as it may break or tear the vest. Go easy with it, please!

Types of Snorkel Vests Available in the Market

Only the two types of snorkeling vests are present/available in the market.

  1. Horse Collar
  2. Snorkel Jacket

1- Horse-Collar-Styled Snorkel Vest

That is one hell of an easy snorkel vest to wear. Be it your first time, we do not see any reason to get hit with to wear it in mere seconds.

Slide your neck through that hole, tighten all the straps, inflate and you are good to go!

The only con we see with the horse-collar snorkel vest, it may come off real quick if any strap(s) comes loose. So, ensure they are properly hooked.

2- Jacket-Styled Snorkel Vest

By the look, the jacket-styled snorkel vest gives the perception of ‘perfection!’

  • Unzip the zip to wear it like a normal winter-jacket
  • Zip up the zip again
  • Inflate the jacket with your mouth
  • Tighten all the straps
  • Go underwater and start with snorkeling

Why and Who Should Use the Snorkeling Vests?

It goes necessary to wear the snorkeling vest if you happen to not-know-swimming. And especially when you take up snorkeling-guided tours from the companies, they make sure every participant must wear it for the sake of safety.

Let’s dig into who and why should you use/wear the snorkeling vests;

  • The state law requires you to wear it
  • Probably you are super new to snorkeling
  • Not knowing how to swim and still wanting to experience snorkeling
  • Wanna wear it for your own inner safety
  • Good to snorkel for hours and want not get tired
  • Suffering from injuries or health issues where your body needs to remain calm but you do not want to skip snorkeling!
  • Stay worry-free in the water
  • The kids (but do not let them skim through your eyes for too long provided that they are wearing a snorkel vest)

So, these are a few of the situations where you should never deny the importance of wearing a snorkel vest.

3 Best Snorkel Vests for Non-Swimmers

Rrtizan -- Best Snorkel Vest for Adults
Rrtizan MJRR00002
  • All-seasons
  • Lightweight build
  • Faster inflation
Seaview Palawan -- Best Inflatable Snorkel Vest
Seaview Palawan
  • Easy to inflate
  • Compact but comfortable
  • Balanced floatation
Rrtizan ‎MJRR00001 -- Best Snorkeling Vest
Rrtizan ‎MJRR00001
  • Good for hours-long buoyancy
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy to store

Conclusion time

Now there leaves almost-no grudges and issues left emphasizing what is a snorkel vest.

Of course, that is purely a savior! Giving the best time on and underwater to enjoy the snorkeling spots to the fullest.

This definitely gives you immense peace of mind, we bet.

It is up to you to decide which snorkeling vest you should use.

So, what we gotta wish you at the end; Happy worry-free snorkelin’! 🙂

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