Where to Go Ice Fishing in Alaska

On a serious note, why would anyone want to explore where to go ice fishing in Alaska when it is all-frozen almost the year?

Well, the reason is outrightly simple — not all the spots and locations would be fish-ready.

Yes, you may swim anywhere but for fishing, this isn’t the case.

And that will be the same case finding the best ice fishing spots around frozen Alaska.

Sit tight, and heed this guide to bring up the accessible spots for ice fishing around the ice-rich Alaska.

5 Best Places to Go Ice Fishing in Alaska

Beautiful Alaska welcomes you to experience high-end ice fishing!

Since it stays frozen most of the time, chances are you will have greater opportunities to visit the ice fishing spots out of the sheer wintery months.

Traveling to Alaska from other states or coming all the way from other countries, do not look further to find those spots. We got you all! 🙂

Chena Lakes

Chena Lakes, Alaska

The closest vicinity of the North Pole (not really the north pole but it is a small city in Alaska! :)…) is a great attraction in a not-so-remote location.

The beautiful sky over this beautiful clear water Chena Lakes (frozen at the times) may look ordinary but here’s the surprise — And the surprise is the chance of getting a glimpse of northern lights/polar lights/aurora at night time.

Yes, being a lucky angler, you are prone to get it viewed in the most common scenarios.

Lake Area: 259 acres

Maximum Depth: 38 ft.

What fish you can catch from Chena Lakes: Rainbow trout, salmon, and northern pike.

Chena Lakes Map

Chena Lakes Map

Little Campbell Lake

Little Campbell Lake

Land straight in Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport and go nowhere.

This Little Campbell Lake is right on the left side of the airport which you may probably view at the time of landing.

Located within the greater Anchorage city, you can visit this lake any time, on any day. All you need to do is to take a taxi and tell the name of Little Campbell Lake. We are sure no taxi driver would ever want to open Google Maps for directions! 🙂

Lake Area: 8.6 acres

Maximum Depth: 17 ft.

What you can catch from Little Campbell Lake: Arctic char, king salmon, trout, and more.

Little Campbell Lake Map

Little Campbell Lake Map

Some essentials to come along to enjoy the best ice fishing experience!

Birch Lake

Alaska at the no-man’s land is enormously beautiful we can say.

And Birch Lake’s location will prove it.

Real far from the cities and towns, and only one highway (Richardson Hwy) is able to take you there from both ends.

Just impressive we must speak, and it would quadruple its beauty in the winters.

Lake Area: 841 acres

Maximum Depth: 49 ft.

The fish to expect catching from Birch Lake: Grayling, arctic char, king salmon, rainbow trout, silver salmon, northern pike, and more.

Birch Lake Map

Birch Lake Map

Kenai Lake

Kenai Lake

Alaska is the least-inhabited state in the U.S.A. The fishing spots could be at somewhat remote locations.

But Kenai Lake seems far away due to its mountainous backdrop and all but not so far from Anchorage.

Traveling to Kenai Lake from Anchorage will hardly take 4-5 hours of drive time but this visit would be worth taking.

A sensational place with jaw-drop beauty will stun you!

Lake Area: 13,819 acres

Maximum Depth: 540 ft.

Which fish to catch from Kenai Lake: Whitefish, rainbow trout, sockeye, king salmon, silver salmon, and more

Kenai Lake Map

Kenai Lake Map

Sag River

Sag River, Alaska

All the way upward and crossing the entire Alaskan state to reach Sag River.

Expect wild yaks, moose, bear, and all around you so we must urge you to follow the safety protocols.

The road conditions could be deteriorated in the winter times ut those who can make it will tell the eact story of how breath-taking this river front is.

River Length: 180 mi.

Maximum Depth: 2,132 ft.

Fish to catch from Sag River: Acrtic char, bull trout, and more.

Sag River Map

Sag River Map


Frozen Alaska with extreme cold all round year is a pure gift from the GOD!

There is no deny in thoroughly visiting this state once in the lifetime.

The closest encounter to the nature will leave the mesmerizing life-long seal in your mind.

For extreme ice fishing experience, now that you know where to go ice fishing in Alaska, no?

Saddle up, guys!

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