Cressi F1 Mask Review

It is fun going to the snorkeling spots equipped with your favorite snorkel gears on!

Yeah, the snorkeling gears that you love the most.

Oh, no! Is it your first time going snorkeling? Then this is the right place you landed to get the right kind of snorkeling mask.

Or maybe you need to switch your existing snorkel mask with a new (and appropriate) one?

There are hardly known brands bearing a single reputable snorkel mask, but when it comes to Cressi, we can happily expedite how awesome their snorkel masks are.

Cressi F1 mask review is the ultimate single-handedly and best=rated by satisfied customers all around the world, bearing all the best of world-class features to give you immense pleasure at snorkeling.

If we can claim you will never have such a satisfied and fun-oriented snorkeling experience of your lifetime, Cressi F1 is all set for this!

Cressi F1 Mask Review to Give You the Immensely-Satisfied Snorkeling Trip All the Time!

If it is your first time purchasing a snorkel mask, then Cressi F1 is your best bet!

Or switching to Cressi F1 is the wisest move, sensing your great wisdom.

But way before opting to purchase this underrated but top-reliable snorkel mask, we will delve into greater details making up your mind why Cressi F1 is the best of the best snorkel mask in the whole wide worked — all the way from its build, design, performance, and everything that you can name for!

Be ready, guys, and let’s get a good grip on this esteemed unit!

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Cressi F1 Snorkel Mask

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Cressi F1 Build

Some folks really, and really mistake the build with design. But to us, the build is the eternal part of what material is used to build that.

And with the Cressi F1 snorkel mask, we will unfold every single thing about the hidden inside truth of it — the build, the reliable build that makes it last for years at use.

Outer Surround (Sides) Build

Rubber, this material owns the capability to outperform many top-rated snorkeling masks available n the market.

The thing is, this rubber material is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and locks in with a good seal around your face minimizing the chance of getting the water seeped in.

But the only con is, that prolonged wearing can leave some marks on your face which will die down in a few minutes after getting it off.

Unfortunately, it is not only the sides that we have to emphasize on its build quality. It got several more aspects to highlight the build quality because of the plain reason, they all jointly make this Cressi F1 a complete and full-fledged snorkel mask.

Straps’ Build

Straps are made with high-grade rubber material as well. They are soft to your head but if you got sticky hairs, they could glue to the straps. So, take off with care especially if a woman wears it, and you know that eventually could happen — broken long hairs! 🙂

Skirt Build

The softer silicon-infused skirt and has to be extra softer because that is the part that sits on your forehead.

You do not have to apply any kind of gel over the surface, the natural material’s adhesive is dominant enough to glue on your forehead. Expect no drag at all!

Lens Build

The core of what you buy any mask for — the lens part to clearly view the underwater beauty.

Luckily, Cressi F1 holds a single tempered glass approved and certified by CE (Communauté Européenne) meaning that the glass is super reliable and shatter-free on impact.

Cressi F1 Design

And let’s get the design completely detailed out. No doubt the Cressi F1 holds an intriguing and exceptional design keeping up with the trendy style.

Wearing it over will amaze the onlookers, and some would probably rush toward you asking which brand this snorkel mask belongs to.

Frameless Design

The frameless design with the silicone skirt (except no degraded one) infused with a single lens provides an obstacle-free view.

You do not miss the view and could gaze over 180 degrees just like you do with your naked eyes (without putting on the Cressi F1 snorkel mask!)

Velcro Straps

Still, the silicone skirt would fit in perfectly on around your face but you need some kind of locking to secure it, no?

Of course, you need that one. And the velcro straps with double-sliding locks allows the mask to be worn by different aged of snorkelers (even the kids) by adjusting the straps and lower up to the level where the kids would find it comfortable to wear.

And yes, the double-sliding locks would hold the straps to not lingering in the water and preserve them from getting damaged and broken intermittently. Even your single blow of the hand could break that apart which would make it worse to repair (or expect the mask to never work due to this minor damage…)

Pinkish Colored

A perfect gift for your mom, wife, and daughter!

Why? Not because of the design and the build. The color. The pinkish color is the dreadfully favorite to the females that you love to the moon and back.

Nose Pocket

Well, it is not only soft (which you can rather expect being a silicone one) but the comfortable nose pocket allows the better equalization to stay intact.

And the reason is simple — even getting it tight enough and the chances of slipping the mask are viable, so that nose pocket helps to hold the mask in place.

PROs and CONs of Cressi F1


  • Fits Quite Easily
  • Lightweight build
  • Highly durable construction
  • Frameless


  • Ruins the view when fogged
  • Not suitable for thin-faced snorkelers

Specifications of Cressi F1 Snorkel Mask

Cressi F1 SpecificationsUnits
Dimensions7.0 x 3.2 x 8.0 inches
Weight0.45 lbs
SizeOne size for all
Lens TypeClear
Model Incepted in the Market2014

Where is the Cressif F1 Snorkel Mask Built?

Designed in Italy, made in Taiwan. The combo of these two countries is nothing like a joke but shows how committed and bonafide the Cressi F1 mask would be for the snorkelers betting their lives on this awesome product!

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Seemingly a fact, the Cressi F1 mask review holds a great load of information, doesn’t it?

It is no fun buying any ordinary snorkel mask from the market. That is a complete waste of money if they happen to cause severe issues.

Without a doubt, Cressi F1 would not disappoint ever, and we bet for it!

Have it and then have a blast of enjoyment down the water! 🙂

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