How to Snorkel with Glasses

We never would want to skip seeing the whole of underwater world.

To clearly explore the life buried underwater, the sun is not an only option to put the abundance of shine.

And complaining about diminishing the vision power down under the sea just because of the sun — you are wrong!

If you have been wearing the glasses, be it your eyesight is slightly effected or badly disturbed, glasses are the ones you should never skip wearing wherever you go.

Swimming down the sea is a super complex task for many, the sudden thrust may turn it loose and detach from your eyes. But again, this is the practice we would never recommend to keep the glasses on during your sea swim.

How to Snorkel with Glasses On!

We cannot bear to advise not to wear the glasses during the snorkel.

But it looks so odd to wear a snorkel mask on top of the glasses.

However, the full face snorkel mask is relatively convenient to wear which glasses on because of its shape.

And the glassy-looking snorkel mask may trigger a challenge to deal — wear the glasses and then wearing the glassy-looking snorkel mask; the double glasses inciting the funny look. 😀

But hey! Do not compromise on the clarity. If you have to must wear it in order to clearly look around, stick with us!

I am Afraid of Wearing the Full Face Snorkel Mask

And, why?

Despite the convenience the full face snorkel mask brings to you for wearing the glasses; the issue is not all would want to actually wear the full face mask at all.

We personally do not like wearing it, or better say afraid to wear.

But the good side of the full face snorkel mask, you can easily wear the glasses without needing to adjust.

The entire full face snorkel mask has plenty of room for a glass to fit in comfortably.

But, the fear part is present and is extremely valid. So, stick with us to find the solutions depending on the snorkel mask types that are available.

Snorkeling with Glasses or Contacts

And this part is simple if you choose the latter option — contact lenses.

Snorkeling with contact lenses is quite easy, just that you have to keep your eyes away from touching the sea water to avoid severe rash.

Wearing the snorkel mask gets your eyes fully covered, so you find no way/leaks entering the water inside the mask.

But again, glasses is the complex act especially for the new snorkelers.

Being no used to of this practice, the initial attempts would give severely-odd feel but wearing the glasses is the only way around to get used to of it.

While we deal with the aforementioned situation, there is one more (kinda problem) awaiting for us to bang hard.

And it relates to the fitment — not all the snorkel masks may come exactly as the fit according to your glasses’ dimensions.

The only solution seems to be having an average-sized glass for the sake of wearing the glass-looking snorkel mask.

Got an oversized glass up on your face? Gosh! please, do not do that!! There is nothing we can do about it!!

However snorkeling without glasses is stress-free experience, and we can sense how the people would be loving it — just wear the snorkel mask and you are on! 🙂

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How to Wear Snorkel Mask with Glasses

And that takes us to explore the whole mechanism and the methods educating you how to wear snorkel mask with glasses.

If you already have an average-sized glass, it is a must-priority so that the snorkel mask should not interfere.

But if you have a large glass, let’s compromise on not wearing the glass at all OR drop the idea of going for snorkeling.

Testify Your Natural Vision Power

The eyesight is definitely blurred and interfered within the sea but we still incite you to try this advice out.

Why not first testify your natural vision power by going underwater, wearing the snorkel mask, and detect how you see the surroundings.

All good? Good enough to clearly see through the underwater world from the distance of up to 10 to 20 feet?

If that is the case, then that is well enough to just forget about taking the glasses with you.

If not, let’s move to the next step.

Wear Contact Lenses

No waiving the jokes here. The contact lenses is the hassle-free option you must try out.

Wearing the contact lenses and doing it by sometime, you are safe to wear it underwater with snorkel mask on.

Not pushing you further on this point but take the contact lenses and love enjoying the underwater world without feeling the glasses attached to your face.

A Right Fitting Glass

When you have a snorkel mask up on your face and you are down in the water; there is no chance to re-adjust the glass.

Not as long as you are underwater, the loose glasses may trigger the panic. So, never skip wearing the right and good fitting glass. Not too tight as well.

Just that the glass does not slip when you lay down, run, and jump. If your glass stands well bearing all the vibrations and jerks, hardly are the chances it would ever slip underwater.

So, get the right fitting glass for ya!

Get Snorkel Mask with Corrective Lens Inserts

There you would sense this whole content is actually pushing you towards not to wear the glasses at all.

This addition set in front of your eyes is something you cannot forget to wear on the land, but there we have multiple ways to avoid wearing it by adapting the different terminologies and products.

Out of many, we are pleased to offer you the snorkel masks that come with corrective lens inserts.

The corrective lens inserts enables you to correct your natural eye vision that to insert the lenses bought seperately.

With this way, you save yourself from wearing the glasses and the contact lenses.

And this also saves your from the ordeal of finding the glass that fits to your snorkel mask.

So, you are not going to encounter the fitment issue once for all to keep your focus on enjoying the underwater world and that is it.

Sniff through the market and find the lenses that go into your snorkel mask and you are good to go!

Drop-In Corrective Lenses-Backed Snorkel Mask

For the regular snorkelers, the idea of picking the drop-in corrective lenses seem a right choice.

With that, these snorkeling masks come with the pre-installed lenses of your choice.

But there can initiate a problem instead which you have to be super careful about at the time of purchase.

Either you bring your prescription of eyesight to get the snorkeling mask according to the right level of lenses.

Or if you do not have the prescription in your possession, get your eyesight tested before ordering the drop-in snorkel mask.

This step is worth repeating for the sake of investing the money on the right lenses according to your eyesight level.

And we believe this is something that converses you money as well as time and hassle to just wear it every time you hit the snorkeling spot.

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Install the Lenses to Your Favorite Snorkeling Mask

Once and for all, this method is quite efficient and time-conversing.

This way, you have to purchase either a brand new pair of lenses as per your prescription and glued it on the inner side of snorkel mask’s glasses.

That seems to be one-time investment if your eyesight does not change. Or if your eyesight level keeps changing, this can turn out to be a most-expensive method as well.

Whether or not you pick this method for yourself, get the lenses installed to the snorkel mask by professionals only.

Install the Glasses Permanently within the Snorkel Mask

Out of all the methods trying not to wear the glasses anyway, we still have to emphasize upon the installation of glasses within the snorkeling mask.

  • For that, you must get the old pair of glasses.
  • One screwdriver
  • Superglue’s tube
  • Painter’s tape
  • And a suctions cup

How to Add Glasses to the Snorkeling Mask

find the complete integration steps

And yes, this last part includes all the integration steps to add any glasses to any snorkeling mask.

Once you have all the abovementioned tools and equipment.

If you follow these steps by heart, the operation would turn out to be a success.

This process involves installing the glasses on the full-face snorkel mask
Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Find the most-centered area from the mask
  • Once found, mark using the whiteboard marker by highlighting the dots from the outside of mask
  • Now, remove the mask from your face and clean it thoroughly
  • Afterward, let it dry completely
  • Now, unscrew the screws from the frame using the screwdriver to untie the earpieces
  • Apply the suction cup over the glasses
  • Apply the superflue on the bright of frame and press it under the back of the scution cup
  • Let the superglue go air dry after waitinf for some while
  • Inspect the dryness of the glue and then attach the suction cup and glasses towards the inside of mask right on the marked dots to guide the frames and press a bit
  • In case if you do not have the suction cup around you, apply the superglue across the entie bridge of the glasses frame
  • Push down the frame towards the dots as the guide and from the inside of mask
  • Now press it firmly and wait for it to air dry
  • Once everything is done, remove the market dots and clean everything from inside and out
The next phase of method takes the dual-lens snorkel mask that come with separate lenses for the both eyes
Dual-Lens Snorkel Mask
  • Wear the mask up on your face and find the most-centered spot
  • Draw the dots from the outside of the mask and from the both eyes
  • Clean the inside of the mask and wait for it to turn dried
  • Remove lenses from the glasses using the screwdriver. Slightly jerk the both lenses and they would pop out and keep track of the right lenses to go into the both eyes
  • Apply superglue (to little extent) from the corners of the each lenses and press them from the inside of mask on the marked dots
  • Wait for the glue to dry uo
  • After it, wipe of the marker dots and clean the whole mask from inside and out


So, there we call off the entire process of how to snorkel with glasses with all the viable methods.

Without any doubt, wearing the glasses could be a headache but not anymore.

Again, we urge not to ear the glasses at all if you can manage it.

Or if you still incite to wear, we have all the methods to install the glasses up on the full-face as well as dual-lens snorkeling mask.

Whichever way you pick, you already have the hands on the validated information to fix up any and all of the situations.

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