Real Full Face Snorkel Mask Dangers

Despite the fact that snorkeling is one of the world’s most popular recreational water sports, and full face snorkel masks have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but there are still a number of reasons why you should avoid them.

Avoiding wearing full face snorkel masks is part of avoiding the dangers. But that is not a feasible act to do — avoid wearing the full face snorkel masks, is it?

When we speak of the full face snorkel mask dangers, they included not just one but many unfortunate series of events that can (may) happen with you.

Wearing the full face snorkel mask is itself a challenge.

But staying normal all the time without jeopardizing safety, is one heck of a challenge to face.

Why Full Face Snorkel Mask is This Dangerous

The full face snorkel mask is a relatively new innovation in the snorkeling world.

For safety reasons, most people who swim in open water opt for regular swim masks and nose plugs.

The full face snorkel mask is a much easier way to breathe while swimming — you can simply breathe through your nose, like you would if you were wearing glasses, instead of constantly sucking in air through your mouth.

However, these masks are not so simple. They have a few inherent dangers that people need to be aware of before purchasing one for use.

As we earlier stated, wearing the full face snorkel is itself a challenge that can easily turn out to become a lethal consequence.

Let us pin on the real full face snorkel mask dangers one by one.

The Real Full Face Snorkel Mask Dangers

There we have a long list of the potential dangers triggered by full face snorkel masks.

Wearing Full Face Mask Looks Odd

For the first-timers trying to wear the full face snorkel mask, the first thing that you would so deal with is the odd feeling.

Unlike all other types of snorkel masks available to pick from the market, the full face ones can become a real pain in the arse.

Sad to say, most of the snorkelers just drop the idea of wearing this kind of mask due to that one odd feeling.

So, wearing is a must. There is no way around wearing it without feeling odd.

Deal with CO2

Back in the time when full face snorkeling masks were just introduced, the problem of CO2 buildup was just worst.

The mask used to contain CO2 in the entire of the mask with finding no way around to escape.

And the continuous breathing just fills up the mask with a lot of CO2 presence that can eventually cause you to feel ill.

The illness includes dizziness, headache, and snapping out in case if the CO2 does not escape out.

However, the attached snorkel on the top of the head was just there helping to lead the bad air out but at the slowest rate.

Thankfully, the modern full face snorkel mask that separates the nose and mouth that actually and ultimately helps separating the breathing area from the viewing area.

That way the breath just leads out from the side of the mask without an impact, and all the way to your head, and then through the snorkel tube placed over your head.

Sorry, but CO2 is kinda odorless and you cannot really sense its buildup and when the entire snorkel mask gets filled with it.

Go slow breathing. Do not panic. Whenever you star feeling dizziness or headache, it is time to put off the mask without reefing into more danger.

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Always Test the Fitment

Although many would object this point but this one is crucial to your underwater breathing.

Believe us, the wrong fitting full face snorkel mask may turn the entire swimming experience a havoc.

And believe us, the fitment is as crucial for the sake of avoiding bitten by CO2.

A minor leak, not properly fitting the mask on your face despite all the sneaking valves and more is the easiest source of CO2 buildup.

Do not fall for the claims raised by the sellers, test by wearing the full face snorkel mask all by yourself and find everything if it fits good on your face and there seems to be no presence of leaks at all.

Stay on or Close to the Surface

This piece of advice validates upon all kind of snorkeling face and not limited to the full face ones only.

The dilemma here is to keep yourself floating closed to the surface so you should be able to sneak out of water at the time of emergency.

And touching the seabed is okay in case of floating under the shallow water.

There seems tentative of problem with full face snorkel mask that does not end this earlier. You keep on thinking, they will keep on popping.

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Do Not Enter the Ocean at Once

Stupid, isn’t it?

The motive here is to demonstrate you should not enter the ocean if it is your first time wearing the full face snorkel mask.

Practice. Practice makes the men perfect.

Follow this damn advice to remain safe.


And here we conclude the exclusive part of the real face snorkel mask dangers.

Snorkeling is, undoubtedly, a safe ocean swimming practice but it eventually requires all the safety marks checked.

Thus, full face snorkel masks demand a few hardline instructions sorted for the sake of safe snorkeling.

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