Why Are Snorkels So Short

Let’s get one thing straight, the snorkels are generally short.

But if you have been wanting to know the answer why are snorkels so short, then you have landed on the right place.

However, most would agree to the fact the longest snorkels are tend to grab the air from the surface by being floating close to the seabed, and submerged.

The Short Snorkels are Intentional

That is one thing, and it is the only thing you cannot do anything about.

Seriously speaking, the short snorkels are intentional.

The short sizes are here to stay — forever.

You cannot do anything about increasing the snorkels’ average short size.

And the short snorkels are intentional for one obvious reason. The core and valid health-triggering reason that justifies its short size.

No matter what you do, admit the fact the short size is there forever.

Why are Snorkels So Short instead of Being Extra Long?

When we say the short snorkels, we know we cannot really do anything about extending its size to make it a super long snorkel.

Fact is the fact — and, we are sorry about you cannot really do anything to extend its size.

The extra long snorkel is just a dream that never can come true. And if you still happen to try increasing its size by any means, you are directly and proportionally trying your level best to mend with the health issues.

Yes, that is the health issue the long snorkel tube can pose to you. A fatal health issue though.

Dead Air Spaces

The dead air spaces, this is the core reason why you should not do anything about extending the snorkel in anyway.

Even if you can do that manually, the use may pose severe problem to your health.

As we all know the human body tends to suck in oxygen and suck out carbon dioxide, the dangerous form of gas which we cannot inhale.

Upon inhaling the excess of CO2, get ready to feel obnoxious, faint, and/or headache.

While our bodies are capable enough to suck out/exhale CO2 directly from the lungs, but there are other body parts that collect the CO2 as well.

However, the CO2 suction is kinda possible that happens naturally which almost empty out the dead air spaces.

Considering this fact, if the snorkel goes somewhat extended in the size, it becomes another dead air space put right on top of the mouth that can slow down the process of exhaling the breath.

In this case, snorkel happens to act as another dead air space which placed right on the brink of where the breath releases out.

So, the short snorkels is easier to exhale out CO2 than the longer ones.

And that is the very reason the snorkels are these short due to this whole problem of acting as the dead air space.

You can easily exhale CO2 when the mouth is empty but you cannot try bursting CO2 to go past by the snorkel tube (if it is way too long than the traditional sizes.)

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How Long can a Snorkel Be?

Still a valid question — how long can a snorkel be?

Despite the fact the short snorkels is always here to pick up, the exact size is still a myth to better understand for general purpose.

And we fully agree with the need of only using short snorkels for the sake of staying safe underwater, don’t we?

So, the advised and recommended average length of the snorkel should be between 430 mm to 480 mm at max. That is the maximum snorkel length that you should always opt for and do not expect to make an extendable snorkel by any means.

Anything less or beyond these specified marks may eventually lead you to face the severe health issues.

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So, that entirely sums up why are snorkels so short, and you would not have to find its answer anymore.

Now as it clears up this confusion, take the snorkel and go explore the blue ocean! 🙂

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