Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

There are hardly a few snorkeling spots in the world that are worth to visit. And the die-hard snorkeling fans know where they are. Those are the best beaches to snorkel in Oahu if we deliberately talk about.

Oahu is the immense scenic island situated in the middle of the ocean.

Know Hawaii, the beautiful paradise-alike place in the world and far from any land? Yeah, that is where Oahu is located, some 2,562 miles away from Los Angles that we can exactly expedite as the nearest bigger city to it.

Or measure the distance from Vancouver, Canada as it may take around 2,705 miles and 4,958 miles away from New York, NY, USA — all in all, that is gonna take a long flight to reach Oahu and that is definite, you cannot skip it and expect to reach Oahu rather quickly.

Oahu consists of mesmerizing, natural-scenic beaches with beauty where you would so want to spend your entire life.

That is the place you would not want to go back from. And when you do, you would always want to go back.

There are just a few GOD-gifted places on the planet earth that recall you for keep coming and keep visiting.

Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

A lifetime Adventure is about to Unravel!

This should incite your excitement because that is the initiation part of unraveling the best snorkeling spots in Oahu.

Although, the entire Oahu island is the hope of Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu! So you expect it got the whole metro life developed around it.

And yes, that is true — you would witness the tall buildings, rush-hour on the roads, and people walking up and down the streets giving you the impression this is just another island filled with humans how come it would be containing scenic beaches around?

Okay, we understand that this thought is entirely true and seems about right to project because where humans are, we see life as super busy and that is affecting the eco-system.

But Oahu, that is not done any damage to it.

The whole preserved land and the beaches will prove you wrong, thanks to the adaptive and sensible habitants of Oahu.

It is the land with so many vacation amenities, and one of them is snorkeling.

Now, we hop onto listing the best beaches in Oahu for snorkeling along with all the possible information and details to make up your next trip fully prepared.

Kahe Point Beach Park – One of the Best Beaches to Snorkel on Oahu Island

Kahe Point Beach Park

Little rocky, and much narrower; that makes Kahe Point Beach Park an astonishing beach for snorkeling, and that is what the snorkelers love.

Due to having the shallow water all around, makes snorkelers of any level, even beginners, comfortably snorkel with and without diving.

And that is the reason it attracts marine life of many types which could be just new for your sight.

This whole park area is snorkeling-friendly, so you can enter it from all sides.

To reach the park, just go to Ko Olina Resort and head in its northern direction.

If you ask anyone for its direction, some would not recognize its name if you are looking for the Electric Beach. If that is what someone tells you, do not panic as Kahe Point has the nickname Electric Beach.

And it got the nickname due to its presence of electric power plants that you can easily find during snorkeling.

So, that is the very reason it is also nicknamed Electric Beach instead of Kahe Point Beach Park.

Marine Species @ Kahe Point Beach Park

  • Wrasse
  • Snapper
  • Hawkfish
  • Jacks
  • Mackerel
  • Hornet
  • Parrot
  • Damsel

EWA Beach – Best Human-Intervened Snorkeling Spot

EWA Beach

Sitting close to the city limits, EWA Beach runs close to Māmala Bay.

The look at the beach gives you a stunning view of the clear blue water. And on the back, you see the high-rise buildings – the combination of a lookout is marvelous.

And what’s good about EWA beach’s location and it is more inciting for the history-lovers; it neighbors the historic Pearl Harbor by a distance of merely 14.3 mi through the high-speed I-H-1 E highway.

Being close to the living community, the increased human presence (or human intervention) could have already devastated the state of this EWA beach but it is not the case.

Yes, that is confirmed the people are always present but the human interaction has actually nourished the beauty of EWA Beach, making it a natural snorkeling spot.

However, there is a clear-water beach with high waves, so you should be a swimmer first to go into the water and do snorkeling. Let us make certain, the high waves and open sea are two factors here that kinda make it rough to swim.

Marine Species @ EWA Beach

  • Crevalle Jack
  • Bluefin Trevally
  • Blacktail Snapper
  • West Atlantic Bonefish
  • Six finger Threadfin
  • Great Barracuda

Hanauma Bay – Best Incredible Snorkeling Beach

Hanauma Bay for Best Snorkeling -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

Another beautified snorkeling spot – Hanauma Bay in the Oahu!

Oahu is circled around the diversification of habitats – the human living in the lap of mother habit.

Thankfully, modernization has not left any impact on downing the beauty of the entire Oahu. You look at the sky, you see the tips of high-rise buildings. And when you look around, the green natural forest and the rich beaches waiting for you to snorkel the whole out.

And Hanauma Bay is heaven on earth. If you disagree with that statement, look at the picture.

If you ever get asked what is so good about snorkeling Oahu Hanauma Bay? It’s paradise-look

Marine Species @ Hanauma Bay

  • Green Sea Turtle
  • Triggerfish
  • Tang
  • Moray Eels
  • Goatfish

Shark’s Cove – One of the Best North Shore Snorkeling Spot in Oahu

Shark's Cove -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

The North side of Oahu has not been human-intervened (not that much), so that is the reason it is told to be Shark’s Cove.

Okay, there is no shark intervention either. And the Shark’s Cove name is not due to the sharks’ presence at that beach rather than it was named due to the coral reef that looks like the form of a shark from above.

It is a kids-friendly snorkeling spot in northern Oahu, so snorkel snorkeling in Oahu with no worries at all.

Marine Species @ Shark’s Cove

  • Wrasse
  • Cornet
  • Mullet
  • Chub
  • PerchB
  • Big Eye

Pūpūkea Beach Park – Best Picturesque Spot for Snorkeling

Pūpūkea Beach Park -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

Another best picturesque sport for snorkeling in the northern shore of Oahu, Pūpūkea Beach Park is just meters away from Shark’s Cove.

The picture-rich beach park can leave you numb, giving you the absolutely different view as it is not that far from Shark’s Cove but is ready to blow your vision.

This beach park is not that big but the presence of the rocks is more than enough to inspire the marine creatures to it.

For a quick snorkeling adventure, we would suggest hopping into Pūpūkea Beach Park!

Marine Species @ Pūpūkea Beach Park

  • Snowflake Eel
  • Urchins

Laniakea Beach – Best Snorkeling Spot for Rough and Tough Swimmers

Laniakea Beach -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

You got to be a known swimmer before entering Laniakea Beach for pure snorkeling purposes. The steep seabed, churning waves, and the sight-seeing to spot some marine life hovering around; you got to be a swimmer at least.

Close to Pūpūkea Beach Park right on the side of Kam Hwy, you do not need to drag down from the road to reach this beautiful snorkeling destination

Again know swimming. You cannot detect when the sea’s mood swings.

Marine Species @ Laniakea Beach

  • Angelfish
  • Sea Urchins
  • Butterflyfish

Kuilima Cove Snorkeling – Super Clear Water Snorkeling Cove

Kuilima Cove

Kuilima Cove, the heaven on earth is the utmost kid-friendly that provides an easier snorkeling experience by wading into 4ft to 10ft.

And Kuilima Cove has the power to attract snorkelers again and again.

Visit it for once, and keep visiting the whole life! 🙂

Marine Species @ Kuilima Cove

  • Surgeonfish
  • Unicorn
  • Damsel
  • Moorish Idol

Ko Olina Beach Park – The Safest Snorkeling Beach in Oahu

Ko Olina Beach Park -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

The safest lagoon-type cove, Ka Olina Beach Park is ready to give you the safest feel to enter the water.

And the safest to the point, it is somewhat disconnected from the main seawater.

Surrounded with the goldish beach sand, lavish green grounds, the high-rise building on the adjoining, and the mountain range from a far but viewable distance — that is worth visiting Ko Olina Beach Park once in your life.

It’s modern look is the heart-throbbier, and we so mean it! And we rate it as one of the best places to snorkel in Oahu!

Marine Species @ Ka Olina Beach Park

  • Cornet Fish
  • Barracuda
  • Sergeant
  • Moorish Idol

Kaiona Beach Park – Best White Sand Snorkeling Beach

Kaiona Beach Park

White sand, clear water, coral reef down the line — Kaiona Beach Park is ready to roll, give you the awesome adventure spend your weekend in luxury.

Sitting close to Pukakukui Channel and Manana Island Seabird Sanctuary along with Kaohikaipu Island State Seabird Sanctuary in your views. And on the right shoulder of Kalaniana’ole Hwy.

We just love if the snorkeling beaches are closely and reachable by the road, that’s super convenient and that is what you are going to experience with Kaiona Beach Park!

Marine Species @ Kaiona Beach Park

  • Parrotfish
  • Damsel Fish

Kaneohe Sandbar – Off-Sea Snorkeling Spot in Oahu

Kaneohe Sandbar

Let’s just go deep in the water. Reaching Kaneohe Sandbar, it is located in the open sea accessible only via kayak or taking the boat down there.

The complete island is rich with white sand making it a sandbar at total.

But wait, it is not a full-fledged habitual island but it lingers below the shallow water. You cannot really have a dry land to sit on.

Wait for the tide to lower down before it emerges out from the water. And it is not a good idea to enter into the water when the tides are high making it relatively deep.

So, we can definitely take it to fall under the best beaches to snorkel in Oahu!

Marine Species @ Kaneohe Sandbar

  • Tilapia
  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Cat Fish

Turtle Beach – Best Turtle-Seeing Snorkel Spot

Turtle Beach

Wanna seeing the turtles during the snorkel? We advise going to Turtle Beach which is super close to Kahuku while enjoying the line of coral reefs.

The ultimate rugged cove surrounded by hard rocks, clear blue water, and of course the turtles that swim around make this snorkeling adventure super fun!

We never see you are tiring and exhausted after Turtle Beach snorkeling!

Marine Species @ Turtle Beach

  • CobiaG
  • Grouper
  • Kingfish
  • Flounder

Best Time to Snorkel in Oahu

Now after locking on the top best beaches to snorkel in Oahu; it is vital to know what is the best time to snorkel in Oahu.

If we better state what is the season time in Oahu, just wait a bit. 🙂

So, the snorkeling season lasts from May through September when you do not have to think twice about going into the water (cold water and etc.)

Now that was the seasonality figures. Now comes the turn of what is the best time of day to snorkel in Oahu?

For that, the best time seems to be late morning or early afternoon when the water is somewhat warm.

Even if you happen to arrive in Oahu for snorkeling from May to September, make the snorkel time to be between the morning to early afternoon and not beyond that.

Oahu Snorkeling Map — Know Where the Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu Are

Oahu Snorkeling Map -- Best Beaches to Snorkel in Oahu

Let’s have a look at the overall Oahu snorkeling map to glance through what are the best Oahu snorkeling spots that you can heavenly enjoy!

If you ask us what are the best snorkeling in Hawaii for beginners, we are glad to recommend Shark’s Cove and Pūpūkea Beach Park that are easy -to-go and beginners’-friendly.

Can You Snorkel Anywhere in Oahu?

Yes and No. The snorkel-rated beaches should be your first priority to snorkel.

And the onese we have listed are safe to snorkel. And those you are visiting on your own, make sure to talk out with the locals and hotels if that place is safe to snorkel.

Avoid taking in the snorkeling tour service at all. Oahu has the safest snorkeling spots, so better converse your money being spent on hiring such services.

Does Oahu Have Good Snorkeling?

Of course, it does; you can snorkel all four corners of Oahu but make sure they are rated for the actual snorkeling activity.


Oahu, the piece of heaven on the planet Earth; we cannot throw out anything bad to its name.

Go around all four corners and you would feel a clear difference.

As it is heavily habitant by humans (Honolulu city is there) but it has not impacted the beauty of the entire Oahu island. So, enjoy visiting the best beaches to snorkel in Oahu to give your mind a refreshing experience.

So, get yourself and the whole family a treat to visit Oahu and dwell into day-long snorkeling to feel extravagant!

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