Once in a while, we tend to forget the basics. And those who take things for granted are on the verge of severe loss.

If anything is forgotten to take along at fishing, you surely gonna miss pure fun! The excitement diminishes the moment you find out what was missing.

No proper preparation is the first cause of missing the fun. And we are not really talking about the fishing gear but the proper preparation to face the ocean and the weather around.

You know that the weather around the United States is pretty unpredictable even in the sheer summery months.

And we find no difference in pier fishing tips offered for beginners, intermediate, and advanced-level anglers. So, no skipping in ’em or you may face severe consequences from the health-wise to annoyance. Once reached the pier and you would not want to return back home to pick the forgotten things up, isn’t it correct?

10 Awesome Pier Fishing Tips for Every Level of Angler

Leaving home for pier fishing with all the excitement and intuition; can you expect to return back home to pick things up that you forgot after reaching the spot?

Not taking things with you may ruin the whole fishing day. And then returning back home the next moment will urge you not to go back to the pier.

In both worst-case scenarios, the fun will be gone. It is high time to go prepared to the fishing pier even though it is super close to your home location.

No worries, pals! We are about to streamline the awesome fishing tips that match all levels of anglers.

BTW, if you have been living in North Carolina, we have a list of over 21 fishing piers to best enjoy your time!

1- Wear Light Dress

The absolute dilemma as to what to wear for fishing.

Of course, you are not going to wear jeans as you will have to bend down, sit up, and stand still all day long.

That also restricts the movement and the possible stretches because you need them the most throughout the day.

So, plan to wear a tracksuit that covers your legs and shoulders given the fact you have been pier fishing in the summer.

With it, you do not get tan or blazing hot sun rays impacting your skin.

2- Wear a Hat/Cap

Protect your head, and wear a cap. It is a viable solution to protect from getting the direct sun blazing your head.

When the UV index is high around midday, you will hardly feel the pinch wearing a cap.

The cap should be a rounded one providing cover to not just your face but the back of your neck.

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3- Water Bottles

Bring enough water bottles with you, and when possible, store them in the storage box filled with ice.

The purpose here is to get yourself hydrated enough to withstand the heat. Then it does not matter if the water is ice cold or warm, just take the intermittent sips.

4- Wear the Sunglasses

Do not forget to wear sunglasses, preferably polarized. Although, you sit far from the beach sand right over the water and there is no chance of getting the dust coming to you, the problem is the water reflection, constant humid air, and the brightened sunlight can harm your eyesight.

5- Scout the Pier

Point to be noted; scouting the pier is for your own good. And that depends on if you really want to scout that pier.

Go for it at different times, especially when the tides are at their lows. This will eventually help you to graph how the seabed looks. Lots of stones, bigger stones, and other objects that may flauntingly obstruct your tackle, and you may keep it lingering right above the seabed (well, just a pro tip! :)…)

6- Take an Umbrella

Even though you are wearing a cap and sunglass, let’s not forget an umbrella could turn out to be a perfect savior.

That goodly blocks the sunlight and keep you kinda dry at times of rain (you may not forecast the weather along the shoreline ever!)

7- Some Extra Gears

Yes, everything is extra in the gear.

Be it a fishing rod, reel, sinkers, tackles, lures, lots of bait, and what you can easily afford to multiply in whatever numbers you could.

And prepare yourself to fish in the good time weather. And the one in the rough ocean not to miss out on the fishing moments in any situation.

8- Pier Net and Bucket

The piers may have sharp objects which can harm your catch. The better way to get your catch is by landing it under a pier net. This way your catch will not touch any other objects and release them directly under a bucket.

9- Take Advantage of Having a Fishing Gear Bag

Well, well, and well. The fishing gear bag takes in all the related items. And this simplifies your effort because you know what you had put into the fishing gear bag way before leaving the home.

Just hang it onto your shoulder and you would not need to go back and forth to the car to grab the loose items. Go organized and this is all we want you to experience!

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10- Foldable Picnic Chair

The fishing is all about the wait and waiting, and the pier fishing does not go spare.

Bring along the foldable picnic chair to sit close to the rod waiting for the catch to be hooked.

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These 10 pier fishing tips can certainly converse you from facing the ordeal. be it any saltwater or freshwater fishing pier, these tips would never change and are easy to practice.

Just take care of not forgetting any of them and have a relaxing and chilling fishing time at your nearest pier!

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